Invisible Excavations completes residential trenchless project in Sagamore Hills, Ohio

Trenchless sewer technology provided cost-effective and convenient solutions for sewer line replacement.

NORTH ROYALTON, OHIO, FEB, 29, 2016 -- On Friday, February 26, Invisible Excavations completed a five-day, large-scale residential project in Sagamore Hills, Ohio. The Greens is a subdivision in Sagamore Hills. There are 13 cluster buildings of housing and condo units, amounting to about 10 homes per cluster. The building owner needed the help of trenchless experts to replace 300 feet of old cast iron pipes that had decayed and rotted out.

Because Invisible Excavations offers full service solutions for trenchless sewer systems, they are saving the neighborhood a great deal of money. And rather than excavating basements, garages, and yards, they are instead saving the residents from an otherwise time consuming and costly inconvenience.

To help with such trenchless work, the company recently invested in a number of new reinstatement cutters that allow their trenchless experts to go further without having to open up sewer lines. Now, Invisible Excavations is able to line up to 200 feet of pipes at a time, whereas before the standard was only 100 feet.

Invisible Excavations also purchased a new pumper truck, allowing them to perform additional cleanup services for industrial, municipal, and residential jobs.

Invisible Excavations provides full trenchless sewer services, including sewer cleanings, cured-in-place piping installation, and piping repair. For their services, the company has three main trenchless plumbing techniques:

Pipe lining, or CIPP, is a process that requires almost zero excavation. The "no dig" process creates a new jointless, seamless, pipe-within-a-pipe and is highly effective at replacing old sewer lines.

If the line doesn't allow CIPP, Invisible Excavations can use pipe bursting tools. The company pulls a burster head through the pipe, then pulls a new pipe through the old.

Invisible Excavations also provides directional drilling for locations that don't have existing pipes or that need to increase the size of their old pipes.

"I've been in the sewer plumbing business for 25 years, and my family has been for four generations. With the technology Invisible Excavations has now, it's going to take us one step further than everybody else," said Brian McDermott, Vice President of Invisible Excavations. "People want trenchless, they aren't looking to tear things up today. The less destruction the better. I feel that we're the only ones in Ohio capable of performing this project. There's really no job we can't do."

About Invisible Excavations
Invisible Excavations provides the greater Cleveland, Ohio area with trenchless sewer repair solutions. With eight years of experience, Invisible Excavations can provide trenchless sewer replacement lining, trenchless sewer replacement pipe bursting, and more. To learn more, please call 216-749-3478 or visit

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