Ohio EPA fires 2 in connection with Sebring lead case

Firings come after reports of eleveated lead levels in Sebring water system.

OHIO, Feb. 18, 2016 -- The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency fired two employees in its Columbus office on Wednesday, and demoted a third employee in the EPA's northeastern district over lead contamination in the village of Sebring.

Ken Baughman, and his supervisor, Julie Spangler were found to be responsible for failing to send laboratory results to the agency's field office after tests conducted last summer showed unsafe lead levels coming from taps in the Sebring Public Water System. Sebring's water system serves about 8,100 people.

Elevated lead levels can cause learning disabilities and behavior problems in children.

The Ohio EPA said this week that the most recent water samples in Sebring show lead levels are below the federal standard for lead.

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