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Pressure Systems, manufacturer of KPSI™ Level and Pressure Transducers, now offers its waterMONITOR submersible datalogging level transducer...

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Remote Water Level Monitoring

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New Solinst STS Gold Telemetry offers the flexibility of two-way communication between the remote station and home station computer, providing a new level of control, diagnostic, and upgrade ability. Designed for use with Leveloggers, STS Telemetry offers cellular and radio communication options for water level monitoring applications. Intuitive software makes the system easy to setup, operate, and manage data.
Solinst Canada Ltd.
Georgetown, ON, Canada

Datalogging Transducers

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Pressure Systems, manufacturer of KPSI Level and Pressure Transducers, now offers its waterMONITOR submersible datalogging level transducer in an absolute reference pressure format. The sealed reference design simplifies maintenance, since no vent tube or associated desiccant filter is required to guard against moisture incursion. In addition, a specialized configuration of this transducer, the baroMONITOR, has been developed to collect corresponding barometric (atmospheric) pressure readings. These measurements are used to compensate for errors in the absolute level measurements induced by changing barometric pressure. The waterMONITOR and baroMONITOR are ideal for a wide range of groundwater and surface water applications in areas such as boreholes, tanks, rivers, lakes, and streams. The new transducers can each store up to 600,000 level, temperature, and time stamp measurements.
Pressure Systems
Hampton, VA

Water Quality Software

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The Aquarius Time Series Release 2.3 from Aquatic Informatics is a comprehensive software package that significantly reduces the time required to organize, validate, correct, report and plot hydrometric and water quality data. The new 2.3 release brings significant improvements including a completely revised Data Import toolbox, new reporting, math and statistical tools, and support for vertical profiling sondes. In addition, the company's Aquarius Database product suite is ideal for hydrologists and environmental scientists collecting and managing large amounts of time series data. Its Database Designer allows users to deploy their own, highly optimized database structure into industry standard relational database management systems. Dedicated toolboxes then allow users to access their data instantly and seamlessly from within any version of Aquarius Time Series software. The data base compresses and efficiently stores all metadata associated with time series such as data flagging and grading entries, corrections, audit trails, discrete grab sample data, text files and images.
Aquatic Informatics
Vancouver, BC

Water Quality Measurement

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The Ultrameter II by Myron L Company provides fast, lab-accurate, repeatable results in one easy-to-use handheld instrument. It precisely measures up to six critical water quality parameters: conductivity, resistivity, TDS, ORP, pH and temperature. The instrument is lightweight, portable, waterproof and buoyant. Simply rinse and fill the cell cup, then press the button of the parameter you wish to measure. Results display instantly on an LCD screen. The device stores up to 100 date-time stamped readings in memory, which can be transferred to a computer with the optional uDock accessory package for easy data entry, analysis and reporting. Ultrameter II is backed by a 2-year warranty and lifetime service and technical support.
Myron L CompanyCarlsbad, CA

Alarm Monitoring

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The new ADS Spider is an easy-to-use, place-anywhere, data logging and alarm monitoring system for broad applications including water and sewer pumping stations, CSOs, and stormwater monitoring. It has an optional battery pack, remote data access and customer-driven notification specifications. The stand-alone, compact, single-box system requires no user software. It operates from a sophisticated Web server built-in to the monitor.
Huntsville, AL

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