Swimming beach treatment can be used to repair terrorist damage

If terrorists dump pathogens into our water supplies, they must be reduced to negligible levels within minutes.

MINNEAPOLIS, February 4, 2003 -- If terrorists dump pathogens into our water supplies, they must be reduced to negligible levels within minutes.

Bob Laing, Founder and CEO of Clean-Flo International said their thirty-two year old process for eliminating coliform and fecal bacteria in swimming beaches should also be used for anti-terrorism.

Laing explained, "In the Clean-Flo Process, disease bacteria are quickly diluted to negligible levels. At the same time, they are weakened, deactivated or killed by oxygen. Those left are food for beneficial bacteria. Any still remaining are killed or deactivated by sunlight, and starve due to insufficient nutrients.

"All drinking water reservoirs and rivers, as well as swimming ponds and lakes with swimming beaches, should use this process. Clean-Flo typically gets 99 percent or more reduction in disease bacteria. A little extra equipment will quickly reduce it to negligible levels.

"The Clean-Flo Process thoroughly dilutes bacteria with the water throughout the entire lake or reservoir." Laing said that Clean-Flo's normal inversion rate for lake and reservoir restoration is 2 - 8 hours.

It is a simple matter to increase the equipment so the bacteria are diluted to negligible levels within minutes. This process uses continuous non-turbulent inversion of lakes and reservoirs.

"Meanwhile," Laing explained, "the Clean-Flo Process fully oxygenates the water. The water must be fully oxygenated before terrorists dump in the bacteria. Most pathogenic bacteria are instantly weakened, deactivated or killed by oxygen. A restored lake, fully oxygenated, is not a happy home for disease bacteria. Beneficial aerobic bacteria also quickly feed on the pathogenic bacteria.

"The inversion causes water from bottom to surface to continuously spread out a tenth of an inch thick on the surface. Disease bacteria are continuously exposed to ultraviolet rays of the sun. Sunshine is nature's best means of killing disease bacteria."

At the same time, this process reduces phosphorus and nitrogen 97 percent or more according to Laing. Disease bacteria need a nutrient broth to thrive. Without phosphorus and nitrogen, they starve.

For more information, call Clean-Flo at 1-800-328-6656 or look them up at Clean-Flo.com.

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