Pump Lift Station Aids Tank Terminal Remediation Project

International-Matex Tank Terminals (IMTT) is a leading provider of bulk liquid handling services.

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International-Matex Tank Terminals (IMTT) is a leading provider of bulk liquid handling services. It operates 10 tank terminals in the United States and Canada, all located near major distribution centers. An innovative remediation project being constructed at IMTT’s Richmond, CA, tank terminal uses cutting-edge techniques to ensure the site meets state and federal environmental regulations.

The 25-acre Richmond site, located along a deep-water tanker berth on the east shore of San Francisco Bay, includes 46 tanks ranging in size from 10,000 gallons to 100,000 barrels, with a total capacity of 670,000 barrels. The tanks meet all standards for emissions, spill control and inspection compliance.

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Final wet well section is pre-cast top slab with access hatch.
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To prevent existing in-ground contaminants from flowing into the bay, the IMTT remediation project seals the site so all groundwater can be collected and filtered. The Walnut Creek, CA, office of MWH provided engineering services to IMTT. After considering alternatives, engineers chose a hydraulic barrier around the site, coupled with groundwater collection, pumping and filtration.

The project features a two-foot-wide slurry wall constructed by Remedial Construction Services LP (RECON). The wall reaches down into a clay layer between 5’ and 10’ below surface grade. The combination of the impervious clay base and slurry wall contains all precipitation within the tank terminal site.

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Second section of wet well is placed on base.
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To capture the groundwater, a network of drains flow into a pre-engineered lift station supplied by Romtec Utilities. The lift station features a 6’ diameter concrete wet well, equipped with two ITT Flygt submersible pumps. Contaminated groundwater draining into the wet well will be pumped through valves into a holding tank and oil-water separator, where contaminants will be removed before being discharged into the bay. Sonnikson & Stordahl Construction Inc. of Martinez, CA, installed the lift station and provided all related concrete and mechanical construction.

Romtec Utilities Inc. is based in Roseburg, OR. Contact: 541-496-9678 or info@romtecutilities.com

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