New water filtration system used in Vera Water, Jus De Vie partnership

Vera Water Solutions Inc. has partnered with Jus De Vie juicery to bring awareness to the importance of drinking healthy water, increasing nutrient intake through juicing and helping Torontonians take back their health.

TORONTO, ONTARIO, Nov. 1, 2012 -- Vera Water Solutions Inc. is pleased to announce its partnership with Jus De Vie, one of Toronto''s first organic cold-pressed juiceries. Together they hope to bring awareness to the importance of drinking healthy water, increasing nutrient intake through juicing and ultimately helping Torontonians take back their health.

"Every time I turn around, someone else is sick, be it cancer or other diseases. Juicing can help, because a serving provides a glassful of super-charged nutrients. It''s hard to eat enough vegetables in a day to match the benefits of drinking a glass of freshly juiced beets, carrots, apples and kale. The right type of water combined with cold-pressed juices, help detoxify, heal and rejuvenate the body. We are thrilled to partner with Jus De Vie in an effort to help Torontonians take back their health," said Christine Barisheff of Vera Water Solutions.

Vera Water Solutions offers a water filtration system that removes all harmful chemicals, heavy metals, viruses and bacteria, while preserving the essential minerals our bodies need. Water helps nearly every part of the human body function. When you consider that bones are 22 percent water, muscles are 75 percent water, blood is 92 percent water and the brain is 75 percent water, it becomes clear that drinking healthy water is vital to our overall well-being.

"Water is a key ingredient in any juice cleanse; we recommend at least two and a half liters of water per day. However, it must be the right water, water that promotes health and contains no harmful chemicals, but does contain healthy minerals. This is why we partnered with Vera Water Solutions, and we recommend their filtration system to all our juice cleanse clients, so their bodies can reap the benefits of healthy, mineralized water both during and after their cleanse," said Esther Hardoon of Jus De Vie.

Whole fruits and vegetables are essential for vibrant health, as they provide the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and fiber necessary to keep the digestive system running at optimum capacity. Our bodies work overtime to process the many toxic and unhealthy elements that surround us today; Jus De Vie organic cold-pressed juices provide an easy way of obtaining the concentrated nutrients found in nature''s superfoods, while allowing the body to shift its focus from digestion to detoxing.

The Jus De Vie philosophy is about making it easy for living juice to be part of everyone''s daily lifestyle. Living juice is produced by cold press juicers; this special equipment not only extracts more nutrients from the pulp itself, it also maintains the integrity of life-giving enzymes and nutrients. That makes this type of juicing ideal for multiple-day juice cleanses. Ultimately achieving a higher level of health is the Jus De Vie mission.

Combining drinking water that contains the healthy minerals our bodies require with organic cold-pressed juices, super-charged with nutrients, makes optimal health possible.

Join us at the Toronto Yoga Conference and Show, Friday, March 22 - Sunday, 24th 2013 at booth #809/8011.

About Vera Water

Based in Toronto, Canada, Vera Water Solutions is dedicated to providing you and your family with healthy water solutions. Water is critical to our health and well-being; however, drinking pure water is not enough; it has to be healthy water. Vera Water Solutions offers a unique triple-filter system that removes all harmful chemicals, viruses and bacteria from your drinking water, while preserving the healthy minerals and nutrients. Vera Water is proud to introduce our latest product, a triple undercounter fluoride removal system.

About Jus De Vie

Based in Toronto, Canada, Jus De Vie specializes in cold-pressed juices, gluten-free and sprouted wraps, and healthy snacks and salads. Our philosophy is about making it easy for living juice to be part of people''s daily life. "Cold-pressed" means we use hydraulic Angel and Norwalk machines that grind the fruits and vegetables at slower rates, conserving 3 to 5 times more enzymes than regular juicers. Jus De Vie offers juicing programs recommended by naturopaths and nutritionists with over 20 years of experience. Personal juice cleanse programs can be customized to fit the needs of anyone wishing to achieve optimal health and well-being.


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