KISTERS wins contract with South Florida Water Management District for water resources information system

CITRUS HEIGHTS, CA, Dec. 1, 2009 -- KISTERS North America Inc., with its WISKI water resources information system, is providing a comprehensive turnkey Advanced Data Analysis System (ADAS) solution to meet the requirements of the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD). The SFWMD is the largest of Florida's five regional water management districts, encompassing an 18,000-square-mile area from the Kissimmee region north of Lake Okeechobee southward throughout the Everglades and the Florida Keys.

With more than 1,800 miles of canals and levees, 25 major pumping stations, 2,200 large and small water-control structures monitored and controlled over a network of microwave and radio-frequency communications systems at 1,200 instrumented locations, the SFWMD has turned to KISTERS to provide real-time and historical hydro-meteorological data and data processing and evaluation tools. KISTERS' water management solution, WISKI 7 -- a hydrological database solution for managing all hydrological data in one location -- is perfectly suited to the demands of this large water management district.

One of the SFWMD's goals was to find a contractor with whom they could develop a strong partnership during both the initial project implementation and later operational phases which would include integration with other District systems. The SFWMD chose KISTERS, in part, due to its reputation for successful long term collaboration and partnerships. Over 300 customers worldwide have chosen KISTERS as their partner for water resource data management.

WISKI: an all-in-one water resources management solution from KISTERS
WISKI is KISTERS' standard-setting water resources information system which has provided a water resource management solution for clients throughout Europe, Australia, East Asia, and North America. WISKI is used for managing networks of hydrometric stations such as surface water or groundwater sites, gauging stations, rainfall and snowfall sites, sea and lake sites or water quality sites. WISKI can receive and calculate real time data and have it ready for display in seconds. The high-speed Time Series Management (TSM) architecture is designed for handling large volumes of data, whether it is telemetered, or manually entered into the system. WISKI is a scalable, flexible, expandable and easily configurable software solution for processing all types of data from a water resource system.

WISKI is suited for many elements of water management, such as hydrological measuring networks, meteorology, groundwater monitoring, flood forecasting and alarming, water quality control, urban hydrology, reservoir operation and dam safety. In every field of application, unique WISKI water software technology converts the complexity of hydrological data and tasks into manageable and clear reports.

A number of separate WISKI modules can be utilized for specific functions as needed, thus making it a truly flexible and expandable system. Flow measurement, water quality analysis, telemetry, operative process automation, as well as flood forecast and alarming are just a few examples of such modular customizations.

About KISTERS North America Inc.
KISTERS is an internationally active firm with over 40 years of experience in offering software and hardware solutions for managing and utilizing time series data in water resource management and other fields. KISTERS delivers scalable custom solutions for time series management, modeling and forecasts, and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA). In addition to water resources management, KISTERS also offers data acquisition and management solutions for air quality, energy systems, environmental protection, hazardous substance handling, and more. Website:


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