Tri-state water resource coalition hires executive director

JOPLIN, MO, May 10, 2010 -- Tri-State Water Resource Coalition announced the appointment of Gail Melgren as their first Executive Director...

• Communicating future regional water supply needs is top priority

JOPLIN, MO, May 10, 2010 -- Tri-State Water Resource Coalition, a nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring adequate, quality water supplies for southwest Missouri, northeast Oklahoma and southeast Kansas, announced today the appointment of Gail Melgren as their first Executive Director.

According to Bob Nichols, President of the board of directors for Tri-State, "Gail brings an excellent set of diverse skills to the coalition and we look forward to furthering our goals through her strong leadership."

Formed out of concern that growing populations and periodic drought could lead to water shortages in the region unless additional water sources are established, Tri-State works to develop and implement a plan to provide a good quality, economical water source or sources to the area sufficient to meet the ongoing needs of constituents in the region.

Pete Rauch, Superintendent of Utilities for the City of Monett and member of Tri-State's technical committee, sees adequate water supply and economic stability and development as being intricately linked, "Having good quality available water is essential for a healthy and growing community. Ensuring sufficient water of good quality allows our communities to support the industry and agriculture that provide jobs for our people."

The Tri-State coalition is composed of a variety of organizations, from water suppliers, to municipalities, to counties and conservation groups. Having developed several reports outlining technical issues, including current water sources and projected future demand, Tri-State is now crafting a plan of action to develop additional water sources.

"Hiring an Executive Director to implement an action plan is the next step in reaching Tri-State's long term goals" says Roddy Rogers, Manager of Water Distribution and Supply for City Utilities of Springfield and Vice President of Tri-State.

Embracing the challenge of communicating Tri-State's message to regional communities, government agencies and elected officials, Melgren said, "There is no more important resource for a community than water. I look forward to increasing the profile of Tri-State and working with multiple stakeholders to ensure adequate, quality water supplies for our people and our businesses for years to come."

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