High levels of iron found in Mississippi city's water

Hattiesburg officials are implementing measures to improve water quality after a study from the State Department of Health showed high levels of iron in the water supply.

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HATTIESBURG, MS, AUG 5, 2107 -- A recent study by the Mississippi State department of Health showed high levels in the water supply of Hattiesburg, Miss. The town'sMayor, Toby Barker, told the Hattiesburg American that the bulk of the concern was from a particular water treatment plant. The annual study showed the secondary iron levels at the plant are .44 milligrams per liter, higher than the minimum allowed value of .3 milligrams per liter.

The Mayor confirmed via the newspaper that there was no cause for concern.

Over the next month, officials will replace four aerator motors in one location at the plant and repair two others before cleaning out the filter panels on the entire aeration system.

Though these are short-term solutions, the Mayor said, they are necessary to continue giving residents the high quality of water they deserve. Learn more about the sity's plans for improvements here.

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