EPA says Flint's water system shows signs of improvement

In a Flint Water Town Hall event today, an agency official said the town's water system is finally improving.

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FLINT, MI, JANUARY 12, 2017 -- On January 10, EPA hosted the third Flint data summit, an opportunity for scientists who are studying Flint's drinking water to compare notes and discuss their conclusions about the state of the water system's recovery.

In a Flint Water Town Hall event yesterday, Robert Kaplan, the EPA's acting regional administrator, said that the "consensus on the system was it was improving overall."

"What was a crisis is now looking much like other cities," Kaplan told a local newspaper.

Despite these improvements, however, officials say Flint residents should continue to use filtered or bottled water for drinking, cooking and brushing teeth.

Read more about the EPA's efforts in Flint at http://epa.gov/flint.

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