Great Water Tech announces public school drinking water initiative

Initiative is aimed at preventing lead contamination in the drinking water of America's schools.

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ST. PAUL, MN, FEBRUARY 28, 2017 -- Great Water Tech has announced a special initiative aimed at preventing lead contamination in the drinking water of America's schools. Schools have faced a disproportionate amount of issues with lead contamination in their water systems due to a lack of funding available for updating plumbing in aging buildings. Great Water Tech hopes to curb this problem by providing Folmar™ Pipe Protection to individual schools and school districts across the country.

Led by Great Water Tech's new VP of Sales, Jim Plunkett, this initiative has a dedicated company contact for any and all corrosion issues related to schools. The water in schools around the country have showed lead levels above the Environmental Protection Agency's action level of 15 parts per billion. According to the American Society of Pediatrics, lead levels in school drinking fountains should not exceed 1 part per billion.

"We are excited to have Mr. Plunkett leading such an important effort for our company," said Patrick Rosenstiel, EVP of Sales and Marketing at Great Water Tech. "We started Great Water Tech to bring best-of-breed water solutions to the communities who need them most. Children and young adults are most at risk when it comes to lead contamination, it's important that America prioritizes our schools when seeking solutions to system-wide corrosion issues."

Folmar™ Pipe Protection is a proprietary silicate-based formulation that creates a very thin glass layer on the interior of the pipe wall, which separates the metal and water. Folmar™ Pipe Protection prevents the corrosion and scale that allows lead and other contaminants to leach into drinking water carried by corroded pipes. Folmar™ Pipe Protection is minimally invasive and can be injected at any point of a water system, including at a point-of-entry into a specific building.

"I joined Great Water Tech because I realized the importance of the immediate solutions the company provides to people in need of safe, reliable drinking water," said Plunkett. "We can individually outfit schools with the tools they need to protect students from lead contamination. This is an easy solution to a problem that will only get worse as our infrastructure continues to age."

About Great Water Tech
Great Water Tech is a water treatment technology company, with full rights to the use of Mösslein Wassertechnik's products in the United States. Mösslein Wassertechnik's Folmar™ Pipe Protection technology is now used in 20% of Germany's water infrastructure, protecting their water consumers from contaminants in their drinking water.

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