NC water plant improving taste of town's water

Carthage, NC partners with Suez to improve drinking water taste.

Photo: Carthage City.
Photo: Carthage City.

MOORE COUNTY, NC, FEBRUARY 24, 2017 -- A new pretreatment facility in Carthage, NC, will make the town's tap water taste better, according to reports from the local newspaper, The Pilot.

Construction on the facility began last year, and includes upgraded filtration components. "There's a lot of customers in town who unfortunately are reluctant to get on the phone and call town hall to say, 'my water is terrible,'" Commissioner Milton Dowdy Jr. said on Monday. "It's a serious problem and one that I'm personally confronted with. I imagine that other commissioners are confronted with the same thing."

David McKew, a water plant operator with Suez Environmental, says he thinks residents will be "surprised to taste the water from the new plant."

"I really believe that as this plant comes online, you're going to see a difference," he said.

The town plans to hold an open house once the facility is running at full capacity.

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