Pipeline Project Relies on SIGMA Fittings, Restraints

In one of its latest major projects, the City of Calgary, Alberta, is proud to have used the SIGMA Corporation.

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In one of its latest major projects, the City of Calgary, Alberta, is proud to have used the SIGMA Corporation. product line to provide years of reliable service helping to transport water all throughout the City. In this latest installation, SIGMA fittings, ONE-LOK restraints, and PV-LOK restraints were used in conjunction with 24” and 16” C-905 PVC on the Broadcast Hill Project. The project was installed by Standard General Construction of Calgary and materials were supplied by Wolsley Waterworks. The engineer for the project was Calgary Water Resources.

Th Sigmacityofcalgarydpt16
Sigma 16" Push-On Tee
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The purpose of this project was to tie the unbelievable growth in the SW Calgary areas of Springbank and Westhills to city water supply reservoirs on Broadcast Hill adjacent to Calgary’s Olympic Park. The project was specified for ductile iron mechanical joint fittings, ductile iron push-on fittings, ONE-LOK wedge action restraints, and PV-LOK serrated restraints. The installation of the job began in July of 2006 and the final testing of the installed line took place on October 21st of 2006.

Th Sigmacityofcalgarypvpc
SIGMA 24" PV-LOK installation
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As one of the leading manufacturers of AWWA ductile iron fittings and joint restraints, SIGMA Corporation constantly works to provide the highest quality solutions for distributors, contractors, and municipal authorities all over North America. All fittings products manufactured by SIGMA Corporation are hydrostatically tested to twice the rated pressure of the fitting. This is one of many self-imposed quality measures that SIGMA uses to ensure that end users of its products will not have to worry about post installation performance.

Th Sigmacalgarslc24 To Mj 9
24" MU 90 bend with PVC One-Lok
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With many major projects in the future pipeline, the City of Calgary is happy to continue specifying SIGMA fitting and restraint products for use in their system, and SIGMA looks forward to continuing to supply high quality products for Calgary and the rest of our valued customers, all over the world. WW

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