Water purification system originally developed for sensitive facilities now available commercially

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA, July 23, 2009 -- The HydroSecure II water purification system from Worrell Water Technologies (WWT), designed to cleanse your water supply of virtually all known contamination, is now available commercially...

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA, July 23, 2009 -- Piece of mind, safety and security is what Worrell Water Technologies (WWT) is offering with its new HydroSecure II™ water purification system. The only system designed to cleanse your water supply of virtually all known contamination, HydroSecure II™ is unmatched by any water purification product on the market.

For years, HydroSecure™ has been protecting the water of some of the United States government's most secure facilities. The original system was developed in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Defense, Department of State and Secret Service following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, after terrorists were discovered under the U.S. Embassy in Rome in possession of cyanide and maps of the building's water supply. HydroSecure™ was the only purification system that passed rigorous government testing using contaminants at extreme levels. As a result, it was placed in top-secret locations, protecting the country's leaders from potential contamination stemming from a natural disaster, failed infrastructure or an act of terrorism.

Today, after receiving permission from the U.S. government to offer the product commercially, HydroSecure II™ is available to protect the water supplies of homes, businesses and communities worldwide, eliminating harmful contaminants such as:

• E. coli, salmonella and other bacteria;
• spores, such as anthrax, giardia and cryptosporidium;
• water-borne viruses, such as Norwalk and hepatitis;
• biological toxins, such as botulism and ricin;
• pharmaceuticals, hallucinogens and endocrine disruptors;
• radioactive particulates;
• lead and mercury;
• industrial/agricultural chemicals (e.g. cyanide, pesticides and herbicides);
• chemical weapons agents, such as respiratory toxins, nerve gas, blister agents and more.

"Homes and businesses concerned with the safety and security of their families and employees now have a means to protect their water supply on site," said Tom Worrell, Chairman, Worrell Water Technologies. "HydroSecure II™ gives control back to the customer rather than relying on other entities to regulate and protect the quality of water. In many cases, our country's water infrastructure is in dire need of repair or vulnerable to accidental or intentional contamination. HydroSecure II™ provides an on-site means to protect oneself if the unthinkable occurs."

Countless studies show the prevalence of water contamination in the U.S., even where water-quality regulations are the most stringent. According to the Environmental Working Group, a non-profit organization dedicated to using public information to protect public health and the environment, "An analysis of more than 22 million tap water quality tests showed that water suppliers across the U.S. detected 260 contaminants in water served to the public. Of these 260 contaminants, 141 of them are unregulated."

Bottled water is under scrutiny, as well. After an extensive review of bottled water in the U.S., the Natural Resources Defense Council stated, "According to government and industry estimates, about one fourth of bottled water is bottled tap water (and by some accounts, as much as 40 percent is derived from tap water) -- sometimes with additional treatment, sometimes not." Additionally, bottled water has significant environmental and energy costs associated with its use and does not offer protection from other dangerous exposure, including showering and water used in dishwashers, laundry or Jacuzzis.

HydroSecure II™ is a "Point-of-Entry" water purification system that combines the best of proven, commercial water filtration and purification components with unique proprietary technology. Water enters HydroSecure II™ from a well, municipal or alternative supply. It then undergoes several processes before reaching its pure state.
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A HydroSecure II™ unit for a residence or small business is approximately 6 ft. (h) x 3.5 ft. (w) x 2.5 ft. (d) -- similar in size to a large, side-by-side refrigerator -- and can treat approximately 2,000 gallons/day. For businesses or communities with increased flow demands, such as municipalities, educational institutions or hospitals, larger models are available. HydroSecure II™ is paired with a storage tank to ensure ample water is available should the water supply be cut off in the event of an emergency. The password-protected touch screen, visible on the front exterior of the unit, provides valuable information to the user, such as system operations, water usage and quality, and treatment performance.

HydroSecure II™ can be placed in an existing or new structure. Quick and easy installation requires only a water supply line, electric power (typical house current), a drain and, if desired, an Internet connection.

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