Iowa utility adopts MWH Soft advanced engineering GIS water modeling technology

BROOMFIELD, CO, July 29, 2009 -- Muscatine Power and Water (MPW) in Iowa has chosen MWH Soft's InfoWater Suite software as its advanced water network modeling solution...

• Muscatine, Iowa, chooses industry's premier InfoWater Suite to support its water infrastructure management

BROOMFIELD, CO, July 29, 2009 -- MWH Soft, a leading global provider of environmental and water resources applications software, today announced that Muscatine Power and Water (MPW) in Iowa has chosen MWH Soft's industry-leading InfoWater Suite software as its advanced water network modeling solution. The suite enhances the enterprise's comprehensive ArcGIS-centric (ESRI, Redlands, CA) strategy for managing the water distribution system. The selection, made following a comprehensive review of commercial hydraulic modeling software, further substantiates MWH Soft's leadership position in geospatial hydraulic infrastructure modeling and management in North America.

Founded in 1900, MPW is a customer-driven municipal utility, providing water to a population of approximately 25,000. It is headquartered in Muscatine, Iowa, an historic town of 23,000 on the banks of the Mississippi River. The utility produces 28 MGD (106 ML/day) via 27 wells, transported through 146 miles (306 km) of distribution mains.

"We've invested heavily in the development of our GIS system, and InfoWater Suite helps us leverage that investment," said Ryan Wilson, P.E., Project Engineer for MPW. "After looking at competing products, we chose InfoWater because of its ability to handle large and complex water systems and work directly within the ArcGIS environment. We were also impressed by the MWH Soft reputation for providing phenomenal customer service. We are looking forward to using InfoWater and working with MWH Soft to solve our planning and operational challenges for years to come."

Built atop ArcGIS using the latest Microsoft.NET and ESRI ArcObjects component technologies, InfoWater seamlessly integrates advanced water network modeling and optimization functionality with the latest generation of ArcGIS. It not only addresses all the operations of a typical water distribution system, but allows engineers to accurately perform the most difficult hydraulic analyses -- including multi-point and extended period fire flow simulations, variable speed pumps, and advanced water quality calculations -- and showcase the results using the rich presentations tools native to the ArcGIS environment.

The software delivers world-record performance, scalability, reliability, functionality and flexibility directly within the GIS setting, completely eliminating the need for inefficient, unreliable data synchronization, synching schemes, or middlelink interfaces required by other software. These factors and more translate to increased productivity, reduced costs, greater efficiency, and improved designs.

Muscatine Power and Water also opted to extend the power of InfoWater by purchasing the suite's add-on modules. These extras allow MPW users to perform valve criticality modeling, pump scheduling optimization, automated demand allocation, on-demand contaminant and main break customer notifications, automated hydraulic design, and genetic algorithm-based model calibration.

MWH Soft Vice President of Sales and Client Relations J. Erick Heath, P.E., said: "The industry continues to recognize our investment in best-of-breed, easy-to-implement GIS-centric modeling and design solutions. Our products are internationally known for delivering consistent, high quality engineering GIS modeling data; enhanced efficiency; and reliable, cost-effective planning options. These powerful advantages are sparking measurable improvements in productivity, system performance, return on investment, and customer satisfaction around the world."

MWH Soft is a leading global provider of technical and infrastructure software and professional solutions designed to meet the technological needs of utilities, government industries, and engineering organizations worldwide.


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