Flint will stay on Detroit water for now

A new connector to the Karegnondi Water Authority pipeline is planned.

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GENESEE COUNTY, MI, MARCH 17, 2017 -- A new connector to the Karegnondi Water Authority pipeline will make it possible for the Great Lake Water Authority (GLWA) to treat raw water from Lake Huron, and enable the city of Flint to continue buying pre-treated water from the GLWA for as long as it wants.

According to Michigan Live, County Drain Commissioner Jeff Wright said he plans to seek bids to construct a 7-mile, 42-inch connector. The $12 million line would keep the city of Flint, now famous for its lead-tainted water crisis, a customer of the GLWA.

The pipeline is good news, as Flint's mayor has said that the city will need at least two years before it will be able to treat its own water.

Just last month, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency suggested the city consider limiting the number of times it changes in source water while preparing to treat its share of KWA water in the future.

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