EPA partners with Montana to protect and restore watersheds, streams and groundwater

Montana Department of Environmental Quality awarded $1,041,000 to protect water quality.

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HELENA, MT, AUG 23, 2019 -- The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has awarded $1,041,000 to the Montana Department of Environmental Quality (MTDEQ) to help protect human health and the environment through a Nonpoint Source Program (NPS) Clean Water Act Section 319 grant. This grant is given to states to implement environmental programs that address nonpoint source pollution in surface and groundwater to meet and maintain water quality standards.

“EPA is partnering with MTDEQ to restore water quality by focusing on one of the nation’s largest remaining causes of surface water impairment, contaminated runoff from nonpoint sources,” said EPA Regional Administrator Gregory Sopkin. “Water quality across the West is a high priority and by working together on these projects, our impact is that much greater.”

“This funding allows DEQ to make important investments in projects which will improve water quality in Montana,” said MTDEQ Director Shaun McGrath. “Nonpoint source pollution is one of the most challenging issues facing Montana waters.  We are grateful to EPA for this funding, which the State will use for locally-led projects, working together with our community partners, including landowners, local watershed groups and conservation districts.”

Under this program, a total of seven proposals were selected for funding that will restore natural processes (e.g., stream channel migration, floodplain connectivity, native riparian revegetation) and will result in measurable improvements in water quality.  The program is based on principles that emphasize voluntary and incentive-based participation. MTDEQ seeks to involve stakeholders through communication cooperation and common goals. For more information, on Montana’s NPS accomplishments for 2018 visit: https://go.usa.gov/xyMJs

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