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Doors, framing, panels

Special-Lite has relaunched its updated website,, to provide information needed to design, specify, order, install, and maintain the company’s heavy-duty doors, framing, and panels. The revised site offers easier access to guide specifications, CAD drawings, architectural details, product literature, color charts, order forms, and installation instructions.

Special-Lite Inc.
Decatur, MI
Tel: 800-821-6531

Air systems guide

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Kaeser has released a new eight-page guide - “Designing Your Compressed Air System.” This revised, four-color publication takes users step-by-step through the process of determining and creating a compressed air system. The guide addresses critical issues such as: What is your compressed air demand? What are your pressure requirements? How much storage do you need?

Kaeser Compressors Inc.
Fredericksburg, VA
Tel: 800-777-7873

Winches, cranes

A new brochure from Thern describes its line of winches, cranes, and related accessories for the water and wastewater industry. The company provides equipment for applications such as lifting submersible pumps and mixers, raising filter screens, and positioning sludge hoppers. The brochure provides detailed descriptions about the features and benefits of each model.

Thern Inc.
Winona, MN
Tel: 800-843-7648

Flowmeter programming, calibration

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Controlotron’s Pipe and Sonic Velocity reference charts help ensure accurate programming and flow meter calibration. The Pipe Reference chart provides wall-thickness, O.D. and I.D. for most pipe gauges, schedules and classes. The Sonic Velocity chart lists exact water values, for comparison to measured test readings after set up.

Controlotron Corp.
Hauppauge, NY
Tel: 631-231-3600


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A new four-page, full-color brochure from ABB Instrumentation describes the company’s Wedgemeter II line of flowmeters. The brochure notes that these flowmeters suit virtually any process condition, including fluids characterized by abrasives, low conductivity, high viscosity, fouling, and extreme temperatures. The brochure continues with information on the principle of operation, cost savings, sizing software, materials, pipe sizes, and remote seal options.

ABB Instrumentation
Warminster, PA
Tel: 800-922-2475

Automation guide

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GE Fanuc Automation Americas, a unit of GE Infrastructure, has announced a new, 1000+ page automation guide for both municipal and industrial professionals in the Water and Wastewater treatment industries. Titled “Advanced Solutions for Water Wastewater,” the encyclopedic document encompasses a wide range of topics, including in-plant processing, information management and reporting, utility management, microfiltration, and more.

GE Fanuc Automation Americas Inc.
Charlottesville, VA
Tel: 800-433-2682

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