Monitoring System Tracks Rental Pump Performance

In industrial rental situations, both the vendor and the customer need the rental equipment to perform as expected.

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In industrial rental situations, both the vendor and the customer need the rental equipment to perform as expected. But even the most reliable equipment can experience issues during operation — especially in temporary setups. It isn’t practical or cost-effective to hire a team of people to stand guard 24/7 in case of equipment failure. That’s why one leading pump supplier offers the wireless remote equipment monitoring and alarm notification system as an add-on for every equipment rental.

A service of Raco Manufacturing, AlarmAgent is a completely wireless, web-based remote maintenance, monitoring, control and alarm notification system. Its online interface is accessible from any web-enabled device. The system continuously monitors applications and provides notification of any problems as they occur, allowing for immediate action.

Pennwell web 400 263
The Lake Oswego project involved replacement of a 50-year-old sewer line.

Most recently, the pump company supplied 14 temporary bypass pumps, each fitted with an RTU, for the Lake Oswego Interceptor Sewer (LOIS) project. The project objective was to replace a 50-year-old corroded sewer line running through 405-acre Oswego Lake. The pumps were used to handle effluent during construction of the new interceptor sewer. The Associated General Contractors of America named LOIS 2010’s most significant project.

The area serves as home to 700 residents and Oswego Lake is a significant draw for the surrounding community. With an aggressive timeline and a price tag of about $95 million, everything had to go smoothly.

“The last thing we want is a spill on this project, and so we’ve taken every precaution to ensure that won’t happen,” said Mark Weisensee of James W. Fowler Co., the project manager for the Lake Down phase of the project.

The wireless monitoring system helped provide the peace of mind the pump company, the project workers and the residents needed. Whenever water levels rose too high, fuel ran out or a backup pump started up, the system notified the pump company to take prompt action.

The alarm system was also a more affordable solution for the project team. Without it, they would have had to pay a team of people to monitor the pumps around the clock, in order to meet the project contract’s mandate for 24/7 monitoring. enabled the project managers to keep only one person on-site for monitoring purposes.

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Since this pump company began offering the alarm service with its equipment rentals, it has gained new customers and improved customer loyalty.

The pump company also benefits from the service’s fleet management capabilities. The company uses the system for centralized management of its entire rental fleet across multiple job sites and branches. Because the system is wireless, the company can manage equipment wherever wireless coverage is available — across 98 percent of North America.

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