Kenny Construction completes sewer rehab project near downtown Chicago

Kenny Construction Co. has recently completed rehabilitation of approximately 5,700 feet of combined gravity sewer.

CHICAGO, Sept. 11, 2003 -- Kenny Construction Company, a licensee of Inliner Technologies, has recently completed rehabilitation of approximately 5,700 feet of combined gravity sewer along Sheridan Road - a major artery connecting Chicago's northern suburbs to its downtown.

The $2.8 million project entailed installation of Inliner Technologies' method of cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) to renew a line ranging from 60 inches to 84 inches in diameter. The pipe runs along Sheridan Road between Thorndale Avenue and Devon Avenue, adjacent to the Loyola University Campus.

The sewer system, built more than 100 years ago during the Spanish-American War, was long due for an overhaul.

"The soil surrounding the sewer lines has a high sand content," said Wallace Davis III, general superintendent for the Department of Water Management (DWM). "Many of the city's sewer lines are located in close proximity to water mains. If a sewer line failed, the flow could easily wash the soil away from the water mains, leaving them unsupported."

Since replacement would have cost more than $15 million and require that the busy streets be completely closed for two years, the city decided its most viable option was trenchless rehabilitation.

The project, which was originally slated for completion July 3, was finished a month ahead of schedule. Ralph Bonanotte, general manager of Kenny-Inliner, oversaw the project.

About CIPP

CIPP technology allows for the rehabilitation of damaged underground wastewater and storm sewer pipe without excavating. The process reduces noise, traffic disturbance, and road damage - and can be done in a shorter time frame and for less cost than replacing existing lines. With Inliner's method, a felt tube - saturated with resin and coated with a waterproof layer - is inserted into the pipe. Hot water is circulated through the tube, which hardens the resin. This material serves as a barrier between the damaged pipe and the wastewater that flows through it, or as a new stand-alone pipeline.

About Inliner Technologies

Inliner Technologies LLC is one of the largest CIPP companies in the U.S., with four licensees performing pipe renewal projects throughout the nation. Licensees include Kenny Construction Co., Reynolds Inc., Western Slope Utilities, and Lametti & Sons. Inliner Technologies maintains headquarters at 1468 West Hospital Road, Paoli, Ind. For more information, please visit

About Kenny Construction Company

Kenny Construction Company began in Chicago in 1927 as a specialized construction firm to assist utility companies. Today, Kenny operates as a full-service General Contractor, Construction Manager and Program Manager for both private and public developers. The company's divisions include: Building, Power & Industrial; Underground; Tunnel; Transportation and Program Management. Kenny managed the Midway Airport Terminal Redevelopment Project and is a joint contractor for the Soldier Field renovations in Chicago.

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