Bechtel wins contract for infrastructure work in Iraq

USAID has selected Bechtel to participate in the design, rehabilitation, upgrading, reconstruction and construction of Iraq's infrastructure, which includes power, water and wastewater work.

April 21, 2003 -- Bechtel has been selected by U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) through its Iraq Infrastructure Reconstruction Program to participate in the design, rehabilitation, upgrading, reconstruction and construction of Iraq's infrastructure, which includes power, water and wastewater work.

The initial award includes one seaport, five airports, miscellaneous electric power systems, road networks, rail systems, municipal water and sanitation services, school and health facilities, select government buildings, and irrigation systems.

Restoration of the country's key infrastructure is a priority of the U.S. government's effort to strengthen Iraq's economy and ensure delivery of essential public services to the Iraqi population, USAID said.

The initial award for this capital construction contract to Bechtel is $34.6 million, though it provides for funding of up to $680 million over 18 months. Funding is subject to Congressional authority and availability.

"Bechtel is honored to have been asked by USAID to help bring humanitarian assistance, economic recovery, and infrastructure reconstruction to the Iraqi people," said Tom Hash, President of Bechtel National, Inc. "We will now begin meeting with USAID to start detailed planning on this important effort," Hash added.

The contract calls for the repair, rehabilitation or reconstruction of vital elements of Iraq's infrastructure. This includes assessment and repair of power generation facilities, electrical grids, municipal water systems and sewage systems.

There is also a provision in the contract for the rehabilitation or repair of airport facilities, and the dredging, repair and upgrading of the Umm Qasr seaport, in close cooperation with other USAID contractors working in those sectors. The contract may also involve responsibility for the repair and reconstruction of hospitals, schools, selected ministry buildings and major irrigation structures, as well as restoration of essential transport links.

It is anticipated that Bechtel will work through subcontractors on a number of these tasks after identifying specific needs. Through all of its activities, it will also engage the Iraqi population and work to build local capacity.

The capital construction contract is part of USAID's planned reconstruction assistance to the Iraqi people, aimed at helping maintain stability, ensure the delivery of essential services, and facilitate economic recovery.

This is one of eight initial requests for proposals (RFPs) issued by USAID as part of its overall relief and reconstruction efforts in Iraq. For more information on USAID's humanitarian relief and reconstruction efforts in Iraq, as well as the actual capital construction RFP, please visit

USAID's Infrastructure Reconstruction Program will assist in rebuilding schools, hospitals, water and wastewater facilities, irrigation systems, electrical power systems, ports, airports, roads, bridges, and railroads. (04/17/03).

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USAID has provided economic and humanitarian assistance worldwide for more than 40 years.

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