City of Bloomington outsources water bills

DocuCorp® International today announced a multi-year agreement with the City of Bloomington to use DocuCorp application service provider (ASP) facilities to print, finish and mail water bills.

DALLAS, Texas, March 1, 2001 — DocuCorp® International (Nasdaq: DOCC), a provider of enterprise information solutions, today announced a multi-year agreement with the City of Bloomington to use DocuCorp application service provider (ASP) facilities to print, finish and mail water bills.

"In addition to using DocuCorp's ASP services, the City of Bloomington is introducing a newly formatted monthly statement for our 24,000 customers," said George Drye, the City's director of engineering and water.

"After many years of post card billing, our customers will now receive a standardized bill that is easier to read and understand, plus it allows us to include personalized messages to enhance our customer communications. We consider the new bill format to be more than just a request for payment; it's a means for communication with our customers to provide the services and quality that they expect.

"The City worked closely with DocuCorp to redesign the water bills, using input from our customers. To make our customers familiar with the new format well in advance of the introduction, we printed a sample bill in the local newspaper and also posted it on the City's Web site at on Feb. 12.

"By turning bill print and delivery over to DocuCorp, city personnel can focus on their most important goal - increasing customer satisfaction," said Kerry LeCrone, DocuCorp's senior vice president of ASP and services. "With DocuCorp's postal sorting and address correction software, the water bills will be bar-coded and multiple billings to the same address will be grouped for the best first-class postal rate."

DocuCorp's ASP centers feature the company's premier information solutions and services, as well as third-party products, facilitating a broad range of applications including customer statements and billings, EBPP, insurance policy production, electronic document archiving, financial fulfillment and more.

About The City of Bloomington
The City of Bloomington (population approximately 61,000) is located in the heart of Central Illinois, approximately 125 miles southwest of Chicago, 155 miles northeast of St. Louis and 64 miles northeast of Springfield, the state capital. Bloomington is the county seat of McLean County, the largest county in Illinois (approximately 762,240 acres). Bloomington is one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in Illinois, with an estimated 20.25% increase in population between 1986 and 1995. New construction continues to enhance residential, industrial and commercial growth.

About DocuCorp
DocuCorp is the authority in providing dynamic solutions for acquiring, managing, personalizing and presenting enterprise information. Servicing the entire enterprise information lifecycle, DocuCorp's information software, application service provider (ASP) hosting and professional consulting services enable companies to implement solutions in-house or fully outsource to DocuCorp. The company has an installed base of more than 900 customers, including many of the largest insurance, utility and financial services organizations.

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