HTE's browser-enabled software goes live in east and west coast utilities

HTE Inc. today announced its browser-enabled JavaLine™ financial software is now live in municipalities on the East and West coasts.

LAKE MARY, Fla., Sept. 18, 2001 — HTE Inc. today announced its browser-enabled JavaLine™ financial software is now live in municipalities on the East and West coasts.

The Vallejo, CA, Sanitation and Flood Control District and the City of Winter Park, FL, are now using the JavaLine version of the company's integrated application software. Vallejo is using GMBA, Payroll, Accounts Receivable and Cash Receipts. Winter Park is using 17 JavaLine applications, including the complete financials package, community development and utilities applications.

HTE's JavaLine products have the familiar look and feel of a Web browser, making it easy for customers to learn and use the software. By the end of the year, HTE plans to migrate its entire Total Enterprise Solution product family to the n-tier architecture JavaLine Series. Currently 22 JavaLine products are available.

"We were able to go live ahead of schedule, primarily because of the close partnership the City has with HTE," said Michael Dunn, Winter Park's chief information officer. "Now we can use our browser for not just the Internet, but as the front end to our HTE software. We go one place to send e-mail, access online support from HTE, and log calls for service. It's truly one-stop shopping for us."

"We heard about JavaLine about six months ago, and were very interested in its user friendliness," said Ken Spray, the Vallejo SFCD finance director. "It is so much easier to just click on what you want than to remember commands and shortcuts. And generally, most operations require fewer steps than they did before. Our people are definitely excited."

The District selected JavaLine when it separated its computer operations from the City of Vallejo and began handling most of its financial and accounting transactions independently.

Spray said managing the District's financial matters is becoming increasingly complex because of the growing community's many construction projects underway to repair and expand its infrastructure. "It's critical for us to be able to respond with sophisticated technology."

Dunn said Winter Park was eager to get away from "green screens" and move to browser-based applications whenever possible, a direction towards which he sees the entire software industry moving eventually. "JavaLine is a perfect fit for us. I am elated with the installation process and with our experience so far."

"It's rewarding and promising to see JavaLine achieving early success in these first installations," said Don Marcum, HTE's JavaLine Series project director. "Our goal is to create products that are easy to install, easy to use, and powerful enough to do the heavy lifting. I think our JavaLine series directly addresses some of the most challenging problems municipalities are facing today."

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