Bentley, Bechtel work together to deliver world's megaprojects

Bentley Systems Inc. and Bechtel Corp., one of the world's premier engineering, construction, and project management companies, yesterday announced a global licensing agreement at daratechPLANT2006 that furthers their long-standing partnership; Bentley also names Plant VP, signs SAP reseller deal and gains two Bentley Enterprise subscribers...

HOUSTON, Jan. 24, 2006 -- Bentley Systems Inc. and Bechtel Corp., one of the world's premier engineering, construction, and project management companies -- yesterday at daratechPLANT2006 -- announced a global licensing agreement that furthers their long-standing partnership.

The agreement, which extends across Bechtel's entire distributed enterprise, enhances Bechtel's ability to efficiently deliver quality projects of enormous scale and consequence around the world. Specifically, it gives Bechtel unlimited access to and agile deployment of Bentley's comprehensive portfolio of design, engineering, and management solutions -- now in standard use in all of Bechtel's global business units.

Combining the power of Bentley's software portfolio with the agility of the new global licensing agreement enables Bechtel to optimally distribute its engineering, makes its project teams productive from start to finish, and reduces its total architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) software costs.

Bechtel prides itself on "doing what others can't." Some of its megaprojects are so large, complex, and fast-changing that even national governments can't complete them alone. Examples of engineering marvels it has helped to build include Hoover Dam in the southwestern United States, the Channel Tunnel connecting Britain and France, Hong Kong International Airport, the Jamnagar oil refinery in India, and the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART).

Geir Ramleth, Bechtel CIO, said, "With our new global licensing agreement, all of our projects around the globe will have access to the latest technical innovations in software."

Bechtel's comprehensive services, including engineering, procurement, construction, and project management, are used to bring about projects ranging from mines and smelters to refineries and power plants, and from roads and rail systems to telecommunication networks -- the world over.

Commenting on Bentley's evolving partnership with Bechtel, CEO Greg Bentley said, "We measure our success by how comprehensively we are able to support Bechtel's needs -- our commitment is to match them in scope and reach around the world. Our expanding portfolio of products now provides an unmatched breadth and depth of engineering functionality. And, now with more than 2,000 colleagues in over 80 locations around the world, we are able to support Bechtel and its vast distributed enterprise with an unmatched reach of professional services."

Also of keen interest to Bechtel has been the ability to quickly adapt to fast-changing needs. Bentley answered this requirement by offering an adaptive information model, supporting ISO 15926, that can adjust to changing company and projects standards. Bechtel and Bentley are cooperating within the FIATECH consortium to accelerate the adoption of ISO 15926.

Adaptability is also enhanced by the new global licensing agreement, which enables project starts to happen faster and teams to reconfigure more quickly for new opportunities. As Ramleth explained, "Our global licensing agreement gives us the flexibility to immediately scale our licensing to address market and project demands globally."

Added Mr. Bentley, "Bechtel's use of our comprehensive portfolio of offerings across all of its business units is evidence that we are hitting our mark in successfully supporting this globally distributed enterprise. But we'll continue to look for new and innovative ways to provide even more scope, reach, and adaptability going forward."

Projects around the globe have benefited from the teaming of Bechtel with Bentley. Two recent examples are the Hanford radioactive waste treatment plant in Richland, Washington -- the largest such facility in the world -- and the widely acclaimed Channel Tunnel Rail Link in the United Kingdom.

In both of these highly complex megaprojects, Bechtel needed to communicate with and secure the approvals of a large number of diverse stakeholders, collaborate with project partners from multiple design and engineering disciplines in widely dispersed locations, and meet demanding design requirements. With the help of Bentley's comprehensive software portfolio, which provides plant, building, civil, and geospatial solutions and supports a managed environment, Bechtel was able to successfully meet each of these difficult challenges and deliver added value to its clients.

Bechtel Corporation is one of the world's premier global engineering, construction, and project management companies, with more than a century of experience on complex projects in challenging locations. Privately owned with headquarters in San Francisco, the company has 40 offices around the world and nearly 40,000 employees. In 2004 it had revenue of $17.4 billion and booked $15.7 billion in new work.

Bechtel's project capabilities include roads and rail systems, airports and seaports, fossil and nuclear power plants, refineries and petrochemical facilities, mines and smelters, defense and aerospace facilities, environmental cleanup projects, telecommunications networks, pipelines, and oil and gas field development. Signature projects include Hoover Dam, the Channel Tunnel & Rail Link, the Kuwait oil fires, the Boston Central Artery/Tunnel, the Cingular wireless expansion, Iraq reconstruction, the Three Mile Island cleanup, Jubail Industrial City, Hong Kong International Airport, and the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART). For more information about Bechtel, visit

Bentley Systems Inc. provides software for the lifecycle of the world's infrastructure. The company's comprehensive portfolio for the building, plant, civil, and geospatial verticals spans architecture, engineering, construction (AEC) and operations. With 2004 revenues exceeding $300 million, Bentley is the leading provider of AEC software to the Engineering News-Record Design 500 and major owner-operators.

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