Caldwell Tanks offers free water tank inspections to communities affected by Katrina

Reaching out to communities affected by Hurricane Katrina, Caldwell Tanks is offering free elevated water storage tank inspections...

LOUISVILLE, KY, Jan. 26, 2006 -- Caldwell Tanks, of Louisville, KY, has been reaching out to the communities hit by Hurricane Katrina over the last several months. Caldwell has offered an on-site professional evaluation of any water tank in the areas affected by the hurricane. Caldwell sends out a structural engineer to perform a professional evaluation of any possible damage to the structure of the tank from the hurricane. A team of operations experts and estimators then collaborate with the engineers to make professional recommendations. Then, they provide a report with an estimated cost analysis, free of charge.

"The free tank inspections were very helpful to our community. Caldwell provided us with the necessary quotes that allowed us a quick turnaround in requesting funds from FEMA," said Paul Rivers, assistant administrator, Public Works Department of Ocean Springs, MS.

The American Water Works Association in their Manual of Water Supply Practices for Steel Water Storage Tanks states, "If any tornado, major windstorm, or earthquake hits a tank, the tank should be professionally inspected to ensure that no damage occurred to the structure." Caldwell Tanks desires to use their capabilities to help make sure the proper practice is implemented to ensure communities are safe from any damage that may have been done to the water storage tank in their area.

"We, at Caldwell Tanks, recognize the need of the communities hit by the hurricane, and this is our way of helping out by using what we know, our skills and expertise in water storage tanks, to help those communities rebuild," said Kevin Gallagher, P.E., vice president of sales at Caldwell Tanks.

Caldwell Tanks (, located in Louisville, KY, has been building tanks since 1887. Caldwell leads the water storage tank industry in the innovative design, fabrication and construction of elevated and ground storage tanks. Caldwell specializes in every style of tank: multi-column, pedesphere, fluted column, composite and ground storage tanks.


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