Two water agencies among public-private partnership award recipients

Projects at Seattle, WA's Cedar Water Treatment Plant and Atlanta's Fulton County Water Resources Commission were recognized by the National Council for Public-Private Partnerships. Seattle Public Works Department and CH2M Hill, whose OMI unit also was honored, won for design/build and operation of a water facility using ozone and UV treatment. In Atlanta, Veolia Water/Khafra Partnership, which has serviced area citizens for over 16 years at considerable savings to the community, was honored...

Projects at Seattle, WA's Cedar Water Treatment Plant and Atlanta's Fulton County Water Resources Commission are among those being recognized.

WASHINGTON, DC, Oct. 3, 2006 -- The National Council for Public-Private Partnerships (NCPPP) has completed the process for selection of its prestigious annual awards. These awards recognize exemplary projects and services that illustrate the best practices and innovative approaches in the use of public-private partnerships (PPPs). These contractual arrangements provide a means for combining the strengths of each sector for the most cost effective delivery of services and infrastructure, while maintaining an appropriate level of public control.

Award recipients are selected in a very competitive process by a committee of leading authorities in the field of PPPs, and in several categories.

The most prestigious of the NCPPP awards is the Leadership Award, given in recognition of an individual's outstanding efforts for promotion of the use of PPPs. This year's award goes to Governor Mitch Daniels (Indiana) for his leadership at both the state and federal levels. Governor Daniels successfully won passage of his Major Moves transportation and economic development package earlier this year utilizing a PPP to provide funding for state transportation projects for the next 10 years, and the state initially saved $2 million by hiring a contractor to manage operations at a new prison facility that had previously been little used. As the former Director of the Office of Management Budget for President Bush, he oversaw a significant reform of the federal competitive sourcing regulations, OMB Circular A-76.

This year's project awards are given in the following categories:

Infrastructure Awards
• Fredericksburg, VA Parking Deck -- Awarded to the City of Fredericksburg, VA and Donley's Incorporated, for development of the design through extensive public communications and construction of a 297 space parking facility in a historic section of the city.
• Seattle, WA Cedar Water Treatment Plant -- Awarded to Seattle Public Works Department and CH2M Hill, for use of design/build procedures and successful operation of a water facility using state-of-the-art ozonation and ultraviolet treatment.
• Washington, DC New York Avenue Metro Station -- Awarded to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Administration and a consortium of private developers, for private sector financing of a new, in-fill Metro station and the resulting economic development that has resulted in a previously economically depressed area of the Nation's Capitol.

Innovation Awards
• Lorton, VA South County Secondary School -- Awarded to Fairfax County Public Schools and Clark Construction, for design and construction of a 386,000 square foot shoot, at a savings of $25 million to the country, partially financed through monetization of unused public land assets.
• Sandy Springs, GA -- Award to City of Sandy Springs and CH2M Hill OMI, for a comprehensive agreement for the administration and providing of all city services and programs (except police, fire and emergency 911), by the private sector with oversight by only a handful of the city's staff.

Service Award
• Atlanta, Fulton Co, GA Water Resources Commission -- Awarded to the Fulton Co. Water Resources Commission and Veolia Water/Khafra Partnership, a partnership that has serviced the area citizens for over 16 years at considerable savings to the community.

Presentation of this year's Awards will be made on Nov. 15 at the Annual Board and Membership Meeting of the NCPPP, to be held in Alexandria, VA. The NCPPP is a non-profit educational institute with membership from both the public and private sectors, that promotes the use of PPPs where appropriate and using their best practices. Information about the Council and its activities can be found on the website:


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