Investor conference to offer exclusive report analyzing water industry

A water economy report -- to be released at Water Industry Conference hosted by The Wall Street Transcript on Nov. 15 -- will help enable long term investors to analyze the trends, and leverage opportunities behind new developments...

NEW YORK, Nov. 4, 2004 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Gateway Reports, an affiliate of The Wall Street Transcript, will release an in-depth report entitled "State of the Water Industry" at the "Water Industry Conference: Maximizing Return on Invested Capital" in New York City on Nov. 15. This report will provide thoroughly researched insights into trends in building out the water infrastructure, desalinization, purification technologies as well as developments in bottled water.

"Stakes have never been higher for Investors to understand the pertinent trends, pressing regulatory and financial issues within the Water Industry," The Wall Street Transcript conference director David Wanetick said. "Roughly 3.5 billion people, nearly 50% of the world's population, will face water scarcity by 2025, drastically changing the water economy."

Some of the issues to be addressed in this report include:
-- Which of the 60-plus water economy stocks should you put on your radar screens?
-- Which water utility stocks will perform well despite higher interest rates and more government regulations?
-- Insight into the winners and losers of the trend towards global privatization of the water industry.
-- What are the individual merits of investing in each of the many sectors of the $400 billion global water industry -- including metering, utilities, filtration, chemicals infrastructure and desalinization?
-- How will water utilities protect you from terrorism? Which technologies will they be required to purchase?
-- Why is the global pace of water infrastructure spending to accelerate?

"The water industry is taking a new path; ignoring these issues now could cause many legal, and financial problems down the road," Wanetick states. "There's a small window to create a game plan for these issues before they affect your portfolio."

Further information about this report, which is free to conference participants, is available at:


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