Aqua Illinois announces $12.3M water infrastructure improvement program

Aqua Illinois has announced plans to complete $12.3 million in improvements and repairs to drinking water and wastewater systems in communities throughout the state in 2015.

KANKAKEE, IL, May 15, 2015 -- Today, Aqua Illinois announced plans to complete $12.3 million in improvements and repairs to drinking water and wastewater systems in communities throughout the state in 2015.

Projects include treatment plant improvements, water main and meter replacements, and other infrastructure projects that are critical to delivering quality water, providing reliable service and protecting public health.

Some of the capital projects planned for this year include:

  • $110,000 for water treatment plant upgrades in Hawthorn Woods to improve operations and increase efficiency
  • $300,000 in improvements to Aqua's Kankakee water treatment plant to add redundancy, which will increase reliability and ensure consistency of water quality for customers
  • $450,000 for a lift station replacement in Tri Star Estates, Kankakee County, to improve operations and eliminate inflow
  • $500,000 in main replacements and improvements across the state to increase reliability of service to customers
  • $700,000 to install a new iron-removal treatment facility in the McHenry Shores system within the City of McHenry, which will improve and ensure consistent water quality
  • $800,000 to construct a water main in coordination with Illinois Department of Transportation road improvements for the I-57 interchange project in Bourbonnais
  • $900,000 throughout the state to replace meter systems to ensure accurate readings for customer bills
  • $1.5 million to improve customer service operations and enable the company to expand its customer service options to meet new requirements of the Public Utilities Act
  • Other enhancements to water and wastewater systems, including equipment replacements, to ensure the long-term viability of the facilities

"Aqua's capital program is consistent with the types of improvements that the federal government says are required for the country's aging drinking water and wastewater systems," said Aqua Illinois President Craig Blanchette. "The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that an investment of $384 billion is needed for drinking water system repairs and improvements nationwide over 20 years.

"The EPA also estimates a nationwide need for $202.5 billion in wastewater infrastructure improvements for up to a 20-year period," he continued. "The improvements Aqua is making will help ensure reliable water and wastewater service, quality drinking water and adequate water pressure and flows for fire protection for the families we serve."

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