Ultrafiltration as pretreatment used at Spain's largest desalination plant

Maspalomas I, Spain's largest municipal desalination plant, uses DOW's ultrafiltration technology to help meet potable water needs in the Canary Islands.

EDINA, MN, Nov. 12, 2013 -- Maspalomas I, the largest desalination plant in Spain operating with pressurized ultrafiltration as a pretreatment and located on the island of Gran Canaria, recently received a new ultrafiltration technology to help meet the growing demand for potable water in the Canary Islands.

Provided by Dow Water & Process Solutions (DW&PS), the IntegraPac™ Ultrafiltration IP-77 skids and FIMTEC™ Reverse Osmosis membranes effectively help produce clean, drinking water for the main touristic areas of the island. The IntegraPac solution, capable of producing 32,000 cubic meters per day (m3/d), was ultimately chosen for the plant, facilitating higher productivity and a lower lifecycle cost.

Bordered by seawater on all sides and experiencing low levels of annual rainfall, freshwater is a scarce resource on the island of Gran Canaria. In order to meet the needs of local and tourist populations, the historically-dry island has established desalination plants to support the production of potable water. With over 12 million visitors per year, the island's local water demand has steadily risen, requiring Maspalomas I to extend its water processing capacity. After raising the water capacity, the plant's seawater intake system did not have the capability to provide the required feedwater flow to accommodate for the plant's expansion; therefore, a new open intake had to be constructed.

IntegraPac Ultrafiltration technology streamlines design and installation, resulting in low skid costs, reduced engineering design costs, easy assembly, a small footprint, and shortened lead times. The system's easy assembly and installation was a critical component for Maspalomas I in order to reduce local civil works costs. The technology is based on a technically-advanced PVDF hollow fiber with uniform pore size that maintains high performance under a wide range of feed water conditions.

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