New in-place lining technology awarded patent for reducing lead in drinking water

Pipe Restoration Technologies' in-place lining technology has been awarded U.S. patent #8,524,320 for its innovative services.

LAS VEGAS, NV, Sept. 12, 2013 -- A new in-place lining technology from Pipe Restoration Technologies, LLC, (PRT), which reduces lead from lead pipes and other in-line lead contributors from leaching into the drinking water supply, has been awarded U.S. patent #8,524,320 for its innovative services. Called ePIPE®, the process helps reduce lead levels to below the World Health Organization's (WHO) guidelines for lead of 10 ug/l (10ppb).

The patent, "Process for Coating the Interior Surface of Water Service Lines,” was granted by the USPTO, which covers the in-place coating of lead pipes, curing the resin in at least 1 hour. The process is completed to pipes in-place, reducing the need for excessive digging or tearing up a buildings foundation or walls, as is common using conventional pipe replacement methods. The ePIPE in-place lining process has also proven to be an effective remedy to protect copper supply pipes from the effects of aggressive water that is contributing to widespread damage commonly known as pinhole leaks.

It is estimated that 25 percent of domestic dwellings in the EU have a lead pipe, either as a connection to the water main, or as part of the internal plumbing, or both, potentially putting 120 million people at risk from lead in drinking water within the EU. Further, an estimated 38 million properties in the U.S. are affected by lead leaching into the water supply. ePIPE protected pipes and fittings allow water suppliers to discontinue the use of lead inhibitors.

"With the application of our patented ePIPE technology, we are contributing to a healthier delivery of drinking water especially to those most at risk to exposure to lead, children under six years old and pregnant women," said CEO, Larry Gillanders. "We have already completed lead reduction programs with proactive Water Utilities and Housing Councils in the UK and with the US Department of Defense in the United States. In all cases, after the ePIPE process, a first draw of standing water, tested at the kitchen tap for lead, was found to be in compliance with new WHO/EU guidelines."

Corresponding patent applications have also been filed in other countries including the European Union.

About ePIPE®

The patented ePIPE process involves restoring pipes in-place, with an application of an epoxy barrier coating resulting in a restored epoxy lined piping system. The process provides for a solution for pinhole leaks, epoxy lining, corrosion control and prevention of lead leaching from pipes for both commercial and residential piping systems. ePIPE service providers are located in the US, Canada, UK, Mexico, Europe and Russia. ePIPE products are sold under the brand names PurPipe®, Nu Pipe® and ePIPE®. For more information contact ACE DuraFlo Systems at (800) 359-6369 or at


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