Virginia public schools will be required to test drinking water for lead

A new bill will require testing of all public school drinking water systems starting July 1.

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WASHINGTON, DC, MAY 22, 107 -- A new law will require public schools in Virginia to test their drinking water sources for lead beginning next month.

SB1354, which was drafted by Senator Jeremy McPike, D-29, requires public schools in Virginia to develop and then carry out a plan to test their drinking water for lead. If elevated lead levels are found, schools will be required to take the water source out of service and take corrective action.

WTOP reports that McPike said the crisis in Flint, Michigan was "a catalyst for Virginia's new law."

Although water is tested before being distributed to schools in Virginia, the bill's author says the distribution systems inside the school buildings could still leach the toxic chemical into the water supply. The new law currently targets school buildings built before 1986.

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