USACE awards $3.4M for Lake County raw water pump station protection project

Project will ensure drinking water for 40,000 people.

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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Buffalo District and Lake County Utilities, along with Congressman David Joyce and Lake County Commissioners signed a Project Partnership Agreement to design a 600-foot stone revetment, protecting the Lake County Raw Water Pump Station water intake from the harsh waves of Lake Erie, September 12, 2016.

Source: US ARMY

OHIO, OCT 22, 2018 -- The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Buffalo District awarded a $3.4 million contract to Huffman Equipment Rental, East Lake, OH, to create a 600-foot revetment along the Lake Erie shoreline that will protect the Lake County Raw Water Pump station.

The bluff along Lake Erie is highly erosive due to strong ice and wave action, eroding approximately 1.8 feet per year. Projecting the pump station is essential because it provides approximately 40,000 Lake County residents with clean drinking water.

"I was proud to support this critical infrastructure project and push for the necessary funds to get it across the finish line," said Congressman Dave Joyce (OH-14). "This contract demonstrates the ability for federal and local agencies to come together and accomplish important work that will benefit our communities in Northeast Ohio that depend on the Raw Water Pump Station for their drinking water. I appreciate the Army Corps for working with me to get this project done.

"Lake County has enjoyed its partnership with the Army Corps of Engineers to protect our ability to deliver safe drinking water to our citizens," said Randy Rothlisberger, Lake County Sanitary Engineer. "A reliable source of drinking water is the single most important resource on earth."

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"It is a critical time for investing in our Nation's infrastructure," said Lt. Col. Jason Toth, USACE Buffalo District Commander. "It is important to note that the Corps of Engineers' civil works program touches the lives of almost every American and is a vital part of the national fabric."

This project is being conducted under the Corps of Engineers' Continuing Authority Program Section 103, Beach Restoration and Shoreline Projection.

The Buffalo District delivers world class engineering solutions to the Great Lakes Region, the Army and the Nation in order to ensure national security, environmental sustainability, water resource management, and emergency assistance during peace and war.

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