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The CA6 Colorimetric Analyzer from Electro-Chemical Devices provides precise and dependable measurement of Chromium-6 in three separate ranges: 0 to 1.0 mg/L, 0 to 10.0 mg/L or 0 to 50.0 mg/L. The analyzer’s sequence of sampling, analysis and results processing is performed and repeated using colorimetric methods for high accuracy and reliability. It uses an LED light source and a heated colorimetric cell designed for measuring trace amounts of manganese, iron and other analytes in water. Lightweight and easy to install, it can be wall mounted or simply set on a bench using the optional bench top stand.

Electro-Chemical Devices

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The Hexacon III Chlorine Emergency Shutoff System adds a new level of safety to your chlorine feed system. Stop a chlorine leak within seconds of detection by automatically closing the ton container or cylinder valve. The actuator quickly mounts to valve without the use of any tools, and still allows the valve to be manually opened or closed. Halogen Valve Systems are the only systems that confirm that the valve was torqued closed to the institute-recommended standard, and USA Fire Codes recognize the shutoff system as an alternate to a scrubber.

Halogen Valve

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OPTIBAR LC 1010 is a new submersible level probe with ceramic diaphragm for continuous hydrostatic level measurement in water wells, rainwater basins, or tanks. Features robust stainless steel housing and high overload-proof ceramic diaphragm for long operating life. Measuring ranges from 100 mbar/10 kPa/1.5 psi to up 10 bar/1 MPa/150 psi. Corrosion-resistant TPE cable for versatile use. Features ATEX and IECEx certification and a corrosion-resistant TPE cable that is approved for use with potable water. For safe and easy cleaning on site, the diaphragm is flush mounted.


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The Aqua ElectrOzone™ Ozone Generation System is designed for safe operation and effective treatment, and is a reliable treatment solution with a proven track record. The system’s dielectric core is precision-engineered for high dimensional accuracy on the ozone tubes allowing for consistent ozone generation, extremely low failure rates and efficient cooling. The system is ideal for potable water treatment, and applications that require ozone treatment for taste and odor control, bleaching/color removal, oxidation and disinfection.

Aqua-Aerobic Systems

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Modern Water’s QuickChek™ Atrazine is a rapid enzyme immunoassay strip test that produces results in just 10 minutes and is ideal for detecting atrazine in both drinking water and environmental water samples. It has excellent analytical precision with a detection range from just 0.75 ppb to 10 ppb. This technology saves operators and laboratories both time and resources when compared to costly analytical instrumentation that can take over an hour to achieve results. This enables plant operators to take faster corrective action when atrazine levels spike.

Modern Water

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Enviro-T2 is an in-line fluorometer ideal for drinking water facilities that want to detect cyanobacteria and algae in their water flow. It is an accurate, single-channel fluorometer which easily integrates with data collection systems providing a 4-20 mA output proportional to the fluorescence from chlorophyll in water. Enviro-T2 uses solid-state optoelectronics making it a reliable, high-performance, rugged continuous sampling device. Instrument maintenance or inspection is very simple with a quick one-step disconnect. Factory-calibrated and requiring minimal installation effort, simply plumb the Enviro-T2 in-line with your online monitoring system, connect the output of your controller or data logger, and supply power.

Turner Designs

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