Orica's fifth treatment system in AL to be installed in city of Florence

Alabama's fifth MIEX® Treatment system will be established in the city of Florence's Wilson Lake Water Treatment Plant.

DENVER, CO, Aug. 22, 2013 -- Alabama's fifth MIEX® Treatment system will be established in the city of Florence's Wilson Lake Water Treatment Plant. The 8 MGD system, designed in conjunction with Engineers of the South, will remove dissolved organic carbon (DOC) from the plant's Tennessee River raw water source to reduce disinfection by-product (DBP) formation. The MIEX® System will be applied as pretreatment to the plant’s existing conventional treatment process and will allow for compliance with EPA DBP regulations.

Orica Watercare Inc.'s MIEX® Process was selected by the city based on its ability to remove sufficient DOC from the plant's raw water source to reduce DBP formation by over 40 percent, ensuring compliance with Stage 2 DBP Rule requirements. Additionally, its positive impact on the plant's downstream treatment processes such as coagulation, sedimentation and filtration were also an important consideration for the utility.

The Wilson Lake Water Treatment Plant recently received its Six-Year Optimized Plant Award from the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM), for meeting process optimization goals set by ADEM and EPA, and installation of the MIEX® System is expected help the plant continue to optimize its process in the future. The DOC removal achieved by MIEX® Pretreatment was demonstrated to reduce the water's coagulant demand by 50 percent, which should reduce the utility's coagulant costs and solids generation as well as improve the performance of the plant's filtration process.

Mike Doyle, Utilities Director for the city of Florence, is looking forward to these water quality improvements, stating, "From the time we saw the results of the first bench scale tests and the impact that MIEX® Treatment had on DBP formation and our coagulation process, we knew we had identified the right process for ensuring compliance with current and future DBP regulations. We look forward to progressing with the construction of the system."

The water treatment plant construction project was bid in October 2012. Construction, by BH Craig, is expected to begin in late 2013, with system commissioning occurring in summer of 2014. At the time of commissioning, Florence's MIEX® Treatment system will be the second-largest of Alabama's growing number of MIEX® Installations.

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Orica Watercare Inc. is the manufacturer of MIEX® Systems and MIEX® Ion Exchange Resins for the reduction of Disinfection By-Products, Dissolved Organic Carbon, Color, Nitrate and Arsenic from water & wastewater streams. Orica Watercare Inc., headquartered in Denver, CO is a subsidiary of the Orica group of companies. The Orica group is the largest supplier of water treatment and industrial chemicals in Australia and New Zealand and is the world's largest supplier of commercial explosives.


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