UV disinfection system aims to improve IL city drinking water quality

The city of Moline, IL, selected Engineered Treatment Systems as its UV system provider for the city's drinking water.

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Nov. 5, 2013 -- The city of Moline, Ill., recently selected Engineered Treatment Systems (ETS, LLC), a company specializing in the development and manufacturer of ultraviolet (UV) systems, as its UV system provider for the city's drinking water.

The system will consist of eight of the ETS SX-635-16 drinking water reactors each installed after an existing filter within the drinking water facility. Further, the UV systems are third-party validated in accordance with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Guidance manual and are manufactured at the ETS production facility in Beaver Dam, Wis.

The utility serves a population of 43,500 people, and the drinking water plant is fed by the Mississippi River. This source, in turn, draws water from an 85,000-square-mile agricultural watershed; a robust disinfection barrier is essential. Accordingly, the city carefully examined a variety of disinfection methods, and UV was selected as the most cost advantageous.

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Engineered Treatment Systems' UV system for drinking water(Photo credit: ETS)

About Engineered Treatment Systems (ETS)

Based in Beaver Dam, Wis., Engineered Treatment Systems LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Neptune-Benson. ETS is a leader in the development and manufacture of UV systems, specializing in closed vessel UV technology. Our world-class UV systems offer treatment solutions for a range of uses from recreational water to municipal and a wide variety of industrial applications. With advanced technology and a wealth of experience, ETS has the expertise to provide effective and cost efficient solutions for a broad range of industry needs.


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