Disinfection system amends costs, water quality at Hawaii water recycling plant

A water recycling facility in Hawaii has been upgraded with Parkson's MaximOS™ sodium hypochlorite on-site generation disinfection system.

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, July 9, 2013 -- A water recycling facility in Hawaii has been upgraded with Parkson Corp's MaximOS™ sodium hypochlorite on-site generation disinfection system that will deliver immediate savings in operating costs while maintaining the highest water quality standards.

The upgrade is a result of Parkson's partnership with the water recycling facility operator as part of a public-private partnership (PPP) with local authorities on the island of Oahu.

Operators chose MaximOS to replace a sodium hypochlorite system, which incurred a substantial cost burden because of the high price of chemicals on the island. By transitioning to the Parkson system which relies on common salt, the facility will realize substantial operational savings for years to come.

"The three largest expenses for any plant are labor, power and chemicals," said John Deogracias, Commercial Leader for MaximOS. "The technology behind MaximOS is state of the art and allows for the most reliable and efficient means to support the water recycling facility operator's O&M budget."

The upgrade includes four MaximOS sodium hypochlorite on-site generation units that utilize self-cleaning electrolytic cells to ensure proactive maintenance. In this configuration, the unit delivers longer lifecycles and ease of operations, in part because it does not require acid-washing during normal maintenance. The latest generation of MaximOS models places a premium on self-sufficiency, to minimize the amount of labor needed for operations and care.

The water recycling facility is an award-winning site that serves a critical function on the island, by helping to preserve the state's valuable drinking water supplies. The 13 million gallons/day facility relies on MaximOS and other technologies to facilitate irrigation by the municipal government and supply process water for a power plant and oil refinery.

"Water recycling is becoming more and more important for many communities, to ease the burden on drinking water supplies," said Randy Otts, Product Manager for MaximOS. "As technologies like MaximOS become more efficient and cost-effective to operate, we can bring the benefits of recycled water to more people."

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