Brine minimization method is key component of WateReuse Foundation's Desalination Project of the Year

EMERYVILLE, CA, Oct. 5, 2009 -- Situated in the rolling hills of Northern California's Capay Valley, Cache Creek Casino Resort is a model of sustainability...

EMERYVILLE, CA, Oct. 5, 2009 -- Situated in the rolling hills of Northern California's Capay Valley, Cache Creek Casino Resort is a model of sustainability. Owned and operated by the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation, the tribe has made harmony with the land a top priority in all aspects of its resort operations. Naturally, that approach applies to its on-site water treatment facility.

A new 18-hole golf course increased the resort's water needs, but with groundwater high in salts, silica, and hardness, a novel treatment solution was necessary. To that end, the tribe enlisted the help of HydroScience Engineers to design and engineer a system to treat the groundwater while minimizing waste.

While desalination was relatively easy to come by, brine management would prove to be more challenging. HydroScience turned to trusted partner Aquadyne Associates, who recommended New Logic's Vibratory Shear Enhanced Process (VSEP) as an elegant method of brine minimization. Pilot studies were carried out to verify the feasibility of the application, and the data proved VSEP would achieve the necessary volume reduction while maintaining permeate quality suitable for reuse.

Cache Creek's 650,000-gallon-per-day desalination plant is now fully operational and consists of a hollow fiber prefiltration system to remove suspended solids, an electrodialysis reversal system (EDR) to remove salts and hardness, and a VSEP vibrating membrane system to reduce the EDR brine volume. The VSEP system is able to recover 90% of the EDR brine as clean water for reuse, thus increasing overall recovery and dramatically reducing brine-hauling costs.

The Cache Creek desalination facility has caught the attention of industry leaders, and has been awarded the 2009 WateReuse Desalination Project of the Year for its unique approach to treating a difficult source water.

"Water management and brine disposal is becoming an increasingly important issue in California. With less water to go around for farmers and industry, people are increasingly turning to secondary water sources. Just as the trend is toward alternative energy sources, the future in California will require alternative water sources, and we're proud to be on the ground floor of this effort," says New Logic Research CEO Greg Johnson.

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