Patent issued for new, chemical adsorption technology

Porous, high surface area structures eliminate contamination in water samples.

Content Dam Ww Online Articles 2017 04 Cyclodextrin Design

Content Dam Ww Online Articles 2017 04 Cyclodextrin Design
CycloPure’s polymers derive their effectiveness by linking cup-shaped cyclodextrin building blocks into porous, high surface area structures.

ENCINITAS, CA, APRIL 21, 2017 -- CycloPure Inc., a leader in the innovation of new technologies to remove trace contaminants from water and air, announced that US Patent No. 9,624,314 has been issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

The patent provides broad coverage of CycloPure's proprietary cyclodextrin-based absorbent materials and fabrics, as well as methods of using these new materials in applications ranging from purification of water and air, functionalization of fabrics, and other chemical separations of importance. The absorbent materials disclosed in the Application were developed at Cornell University by Professor Will Dichtel, the company's co-founder and a 2015 MacArthur Fellow, and are under exclusive license to CycloPure.

CycloPure's technology is based on a new class of highly-adsorbent materials that separate and remove pollutants, even at trace concentrations, 1 part per billion and below. Materials are prepared by combining cyclodextrins with specific, rigid monomers into repeating structures that create a high surface area polymer network with high affinity pores. These properties enable the rapid removal of contaminants and other chemicals targeted for absorption. Current materials are ineffective in the removal of contaminants in low concentration.

CEO Frank Cassou stated, "Our new technology outperforms current adsorption materials in every metric -- speed of uptake, affinity, effective at trace levels, non-fouling, and regeneration. The applications and industries in need of water treatment are broad and global. With a cost-effective, simple to use and flexible technology, we are excited about our opportunity to provide important solutions to make water safe."

Contamination of water resources by micropollutants is a global health and environmental problem. Advanced analytics have shown that trace organic compounds including industrial chemicals, residuals of pharmaceuticals, and pesticides are persistent in water and retain toxic effect at extremely low concentrations.

CycloPure has developed and is commercializing two lead material formulations, TFN-CDP and DFB-CDP, for the removal of harmful contaminants from water, including the perfluorinated compounds PFOA and PFOS. The company is also applying its technology to functionalize fabrics to remove VOCs and unwanted compounds, enabling the development of innovative textiles and fiber materials, such as odor controlling fabrics, respirators and other protective materials.

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