The Value of WWEMA Membership: A Personal Testimonial

Mike Dimitriou, president of WRT, details what he sees as both the personal and professional value to membership in the Water and Wastewater Equipment Manufacturers Association.

By Mike Dimitriou

There’s an incredible amount of personal and professional value to membership in the Water and Wastewater Equipment Manufacturers Association (WWEMA). I know; I’ve been a water equipment manufacturer and active WWEMA member for over 30 years.

During that time, I have had unique opportunities to represent the industry on WWEMA’s behalf on three U.S. EPA Federal Advisory Committees and the National Drinking Water Advisory Council. I also served as the chair of WWEMA’s Regulatory and Legislative Affairs Committee and as a liaison from WWEMA to multiple industry organizations. This would not have been possible without the unique role WWEMA has in our industry and the respect it commands among water professional and regulators.

WWEMA is the voice of the manufacturer in the water industry, supporting us with resources that we could not access by ourselves. WWEMA helps its members deal with challenges that are difficult, if not impossible, for an individual organization to navigate alone, such as regulatory issues, making key connections, helping with overseas commerce and unfair trade competition, advocacy, and training employees.

Through WWEMA and its networking connections within EPA, on Capitol Hill, within the Administration and among other industry organizations, you can have a seat at the table when new legislation, regulations, and policies are being developed in our industry — which is something no other organization can give us as manufacturers. When new regulations require new treatment options, we support federal and state regulators, utilities, researchers and water quality experts in understanding what technology can do to address new problems — and how much it will cost. With WWEMA we are one voice, working together to benefit the water industry, our clients, and our employees.

Through WWEMA, I have also had the opportunity to form long-lasting relationships, work with other water professionals from EPA, state and local governments, and connect with utilities around North America.

When it comes to investing our companies’ time, energy, and money, there are many options for us in the water industry. But WWEMA is the only organization solely representing the interests of water and wastewater technology providers on regulatory, legislative, and policy issues. It is the principal advocate for technology providers by promoting value-based procurement; defending fair and open trade; supporting sustainable infrastructure financing; promoting adoption of new and innovative technologies; and advising the EPA to help ensure that proposed water regulations are scientifically based and technologically achievable. WWEMA also works with states and utilities to find ways to break down barriers to new, innovative solutions to today’s water and wastewater challenges and improve market access to member-company technologies.

Through WWEMA membership, you can support your company and grow professionally and personally, representing water equipment manufacturers. By teaming with other technology providers and service organizations, you can help evolve the U.S. water industry to meet our national goals of safe and clean water. WW

About the Author: Mike Dimitriou is president of WRT, LLC. He is also chairman-elect and a member of the Board of Directors of WWEMA, a non-profit trade association founded in 1908. WWEMA’s vision is to be the “voice of water and wastewater technology providers” and its mission is to promote the advancement of technology solutions for clean water that ensures a future sustainable environment and to improve its members’ economic viability. More information about WWEMA can be found at

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