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Most used for municipal distribution system monitoring, Hach’s new Pocket Colorimeter, the DR300, is ready for the data-driven world.

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Pocket colorimeter combines the best in data intelligence with handheld water analysis

When monitoring a municipal distribution system, water treatment response teams might take as many as 100 measurements per day throughout their system using handheld colorimeters to confirm disinfection residuals, ensure public safety, and maintain compliance. For larger systems that generate thousands of data points a year, data organization and management can be costly and cumbersome. Industrial applications face a similar dilemma.

Common problems that field operators, maintenance teams and managers speak with Hach about include:

• Minimizing manual data entry errors. Avoid the frustration of illegible handwriting. Hastily scrawled notes or entries can lead to inaccurate data capture and analysis.

• Closing the gap on undocumented data. Even entries that are accurately recorded and transcribed could be missing information (time/date-stamp data, GPS location data, chain-of custody data, etc.) needed for compliance reporting or internal analysis.

• Accommodating workforce turnover. Simplified automation also helps water system operators bridge the gap between workforce turnover and empowers replacement workers with limited field-testing experience.

Of course there is the option of doing things as they have always been done, working around the same frustrations and difficulties. But what if there were an easy to use, affordable solution?

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The DR300 features a brighter screen, a waterproof, rugged exterior, simple operations and Bluetooth connectivity for instantaneous data transfer to Claros, Hach’s Water Intelligence System.

The new DR300 Pocket Colorimeter connects to Claros™, Hach’s innovative Water Intelligence System, enabling you to seamlessly connect and manage instruments, data, and process — anywhere, anytime. The result is greater confidence in your data and improved efficiencies in your operations. The new DR300 packs the same power and portability as the PCII but includes a host of improved features, including:

• Electronic data capture that eliminates the weaknesses of traditional paper and clipboard processes even in the most remote and otherwise disconnected water distribution environments.

• Brighter backlight and bigger display that provide clearer information and a better user experience.

• Enhanced waterproofing (IP67) and a more rugged exterior that promise to beat extreme weather conditions and increase longevity.

• Simplified, intuitive menu operations that reduce potential for manual error and help ensure accurate measurement.

• Optional Bluetooth technology that enables instantaneous data transfer to Claros.

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Wireless transfer of water sampling results from a Bluetooth-­enabled colorimeter directly to a data management solution assures timely, error-free data for analysis and reporting.

Handheld Portability, Online Reliability

With Claros Collect integration, the DR300 allows you to use any web-enabled device to manually enter data. It validates your data at the source of collection by triggering alerts when values are outside an expected range. It also eliminates the need for manual paper forms.

Once data is entered, it is immediately available to everyone, reducing transcription errors and time spent waiting for data. This enables teams in the field and in the office to be aware of potential water quality changes immediately and make decisions faster with instant data availability.

With Claros Collect you can automatically transfer data from the DR300 via Bluetooth connectivity, collect data in a connected or disconnected environment through native apps for iOS and Android devices, trend and view historical data out in the field, improve integrity and accuracy of data, and transfer data to the Claros Data Management System for additional analysis and reporting. WW

Hach’s broad line of instrumentation and chemistries have been carefully crafted for more than 80 years to make water analysis better – faster, simpler, greener and more informative – so you get it right the first time, every time. Learn more at

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