Water Optimizer Provides Solutions for Sulfide in Ponds, Lakes and Lagoons

The gradual decomposition of organic matter as it is deposited in bodies of water causes pollution.

Apex Murkypond 1309ww
Apex Murkypond 1309ww
Lakes, ponds and lagoons usually have polluted zones near the bottom, where free sulfide is present.

The gradual decomposition of organic matter as it is deposited in bodies of water causes pollution. The amount of pollution a given body of water can sustain is determined by the amount of oxygen it contains. It is this oxygen that allows naturally-occurring microorganisms to oxidize the organic matter completing its decomposition and transform it into carbon dioxide and products such as lignin and humin, which settle harmlessly as sediment.

When the water is so stagnant that the microorganisms use up all of the available oxygen, serious pollution occurs. This situation is worsened by the increased mortality of fish and other water life, which cannot survive under these conditions

Apex Rydall 1309ww
RYDALL WO eliminates odors and toxicity by restricting growth of toxic sulfide produced by sulfate.

In the final stages of pollution, the sulfide formed due to the lack of oxygen develops into a state of extremely bad odor, which is toxic to most living organisms.

Lakes, ponds and lagoons (both natural and artificial) usually have polluted zones near the bottom, where free sulfide is present. Under normal circumstances, there is another layer just above this zone which contains sulfide-oxidizing bacteria, disposing of the sulfide.

The depth of this particular layer usually depends on how clear the water is, since many sulfide-oxidizing bacteria are photo-autotroph, meaning they require light in order to grow.

Above this second layer, fish, algae and plankton grow, and the whole body of water is a stable system with the sulfur cycle progressing quietly in its lower reaches.

Problems typically occur when artificial pollution such as sewage or industrial wastes are fed into bodies of water overwhelming the natural balance, which causes the anaerobic zone to spread until it comprises the whole water system.

With the use of RYDALL WO Water Optimizer, these catastrophic conditions can be halted and corrected. The product's ion binding capacity, in tandem with its cleansing and stimulating attributes, establishes the correct conditions to restore the natural balance.

Introducing the water optimizer into the system increases the amount of dissolved oxygen in the lake, pond or lagoon, making the water clearer, therefore allowing more light to flow into the lower layers.

In one application at a golf course, RYDALL WO eliminated pungent odors emanating from a pond with decaying algae and other organic matter after just 24 hours. After three more applications, clarity in the pond improved drastically from just 3 inches to 48 inches.

Accordingly, this complex, yet natural formula promotes the digestion of the solids and stimulates the sulfide oxidizing bacteria. With the combination of these factors, the bacteria become more efficient, the sulfur cycle is restored and the natural balance returns to the body of water.

The product also eliminates odors and toxicity further by restricting the growth of the toxic sulfide produced by the sulfate, reducing bacteria.

As water pollution is a continuous problem, any body of water can be continually treated with RYDALL WO; however, once the initial cleanup is finished and the body of water is stabilized, a small maintenance dose of the optimizer will be sufficient to maintain the body of water in optimal conditions.

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