WaterBriefs: USFilter aids Minn. city seeking wastewater treatment options

Also in this report: FDA, USDA approve compound for salmonella reduction in poultry processing; Aqua America unit adds another water system in Luzerne County, Pa.; Thermodynetics unit nails down $3 million boiler tubing order; Former Dallas utilities director joins MWH as client service manager; ENSR International names new Asian regional sales director

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-- FDA, USDA approve compound for salmonella reduction in poultry processing
-- Aqua America unit adds another water system in Luzerne County, Pa.
-- Thermodynetics unit nails down $3 million boiler tubing order
-- Former Dallas utilities director joins MWH as client service manager
-- ENSR International names new Asian regional sales director

USFilter aids Minn. city seeking environmental treatment options
STURBRIDGE, MA, Aug. 19, 2005 -- The city of Rosemount, Minn., was seeking treatment for phosphorus in the effluent discharge from the city's wastewater treatment plant. The customer's 0.75 MGD facility was permitted to discharge wastewater with a maximum average monthly total phosphorus level of 1.0 mg/L; however the effluent from the facility's newly installed disc filters was exceeding the NPDES permit limit.

Extremely cold winter temperatures was determined as the cause of the problem with total suspended solids (TSS). New disc filters were installed to remove TSS and the associated phosphorus, but soon after the installation, it was determined that the phosphorus concentration had not been reduced.

A water sample was sent to USFilter for testing where it was confirmed that soluble and insoluble phosphate was attaching itself to the suspended particles in the water. The unusually cold temperatures were preventing the disc filters from effectively removing the suspended solids in the waste effluent which explained the presence of phosphorus.

USFilter's solution provided a high-rate mobile clarification unit for the removal of suspended solids and thus reducing phosphate levels. The clarification system is a self-contained, trailer-mounted unit that treats water with high turbidity, high total organic carbon (TOC), algae or very cold water.

USFilter enabled this customer to solve their phosphorus problem within a short timeframe to meet their monthly average discharge limits.

Four days after the clarification system began treating water, the total phosphorus level of the treated effluent was 0.75 mg/l, comfortably below the permitted 1.0 mg/l maximum provided by the NPDES.

No further capital investment was required to solve this temporary, weather-related condition.

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Based in Warrendale, Pa., with offices and installations around the world, USFilter (www.usfilter.com) is a $1.2 billion water company with 5,800 experienced professionals dedicated to delivering cost-effective, reliable water and wastewater treatment systems and services.

FDA, USDA approve compound for salmonella reduction in poultry processing
CHATHAM, NJ, Aug. 19, 2005 (PRNewswire) -- Solution BioSciences Inc. (SBS) announces a new antimicrobial system, called Bromitize®, to reduce salmonella and other carcass bacteria during poultry processing. The antimicrobial activity is based on a patented bromine chemical technology. This effective, safe-to-use product disinfects and reduces bacteria in poultry pre-chill and post-chill processing steps. The application system is compatible with existing equipment and readily integrates into commercial processing lines.

Besides being safe and easy to use, the Bromitize technology allows for more flexible plant use without the environmental air and waste water issues encountered with the currently available products. It is fully guaranteed to perform as described. The product can also be used for COP (continuous online processing)/OLR (online reprocessing), used in the IOBW (inside outside bird washers), or anywhere else on the processing lines and in the chill tank. In addition the company recently received approval for the re-use of the water from the COP/OLR cabinets thereby reducing water usage during processing.

Bromitize, replacing other chemical disinfectants in the COP and chill tank, eliminates the need for chlorine in the chill tank. Plant studies of the Bromitize system confirm significant lower bacteria count, with no effect on the carcass or browning, no odor and no effect on pH. Some of the currently used products leave chlorine and phosphate residue in the treatment water, creating safety and waste water issues.

The system is in use by some of the world's leading poultry producers. SBS reviews the customer facilities, plans the ideal locations for the Bromitize system and can install the system over a weekend with little or no interruption to production. Company personnel work closely with plant management, HACCP coordinator and with the on-site USDA staff.

According to Dr. James L. McNaugton, SBS chief scientific officer, the Bromitize system provides a program that can be used in many locations in the plant. It provides effective bacteria reduction, is safe, has no effect on the environment, and is easy to use and fits all sizes of plants. Dr. McNaughton said Bromitize can be used over a wide range of water pH and can be the single source carcass disinfectant eliminating the needs for multiple chemicals in a processing plant.

The SBS system requires little space and is a third less corrosive on plant equipment. It's user friendly, safe and easy to handle by plant personnel.

Solution BioSciences is a privately held new company offering science- based patented technology for food safety in animal agriculture. It maintains administrative offices in Chatham, N.J., and laboratory facilities in Salisbury, Md.

SBS president Loren Williams expects sales growth to reach $50 to $70 million in up to five years as more processing plants take on the new technology and other products enter the pipeline.

"With the United States as the largest poultry processing market, we're obviously concentrating our efforts here. It has about 180 poultry processing plants, producing 170 million chickens per week, so you can see the potential," Williams said. "Our company has what we need to be successful -- the chemical, the system for efficient application and the results in bacterial reduction"

Aqua America unit adds another water system in Luzerne County, Pa.
BRYN MAWR, PA, Aug. 19, 2005 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Aqua America Inc. announced today that its subsidiary, Aqua Pennsylvania, Inc. (Aqua) has acquired the water system assets of Meadowcrest Water Company in Luzerne County. Aqua purchased the system, which serves approximately 1,100 residents in Kingston Township, for $350,000.

The announcement comes on the heels of Aqua's acquisition of five Luzerne County utility systems last month from Wilbar Realty. In that transaction, Aqua acquired the water and wastewater systems for the Laurel Lakes development in Rice Township, as well as the water systems for the Forest Park community in Bear Creek Township, Penn Lake Park Borough, and the Saint Johns area in Butler Township.

"This is the perfect example of a tuck-in acquisition that we can quickly and efficiently integrate with our local operations to achieve economies of scale," said Aqua America Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Nicholas DeBenedictis. "Also, it creates opportunities to grow earnings through a return on investment in the local infrastructure, which provides long overdue improved service and water quality for customers."

"The Meadowcrest system is the linchpin of our plans to interconnect and consolidate a number of local water systems into one integrated water supply system," said Aqua Vice President and Regional General Manager Anthony J. Donatoni.

Donatoni said Aqua plans to invest nearly $2.6 million to connect Meadowcrest with and upgrade neighboring water systems that serve the communities of Midway Manor, Harris Hill, Cedar Lane, Sunrise Estates, Windsor Farms and Maple Crest. The six neighboring systems, which Aqua acquired over the past two years, serve a total of approximately 2,100 residents. The project also calls for the installation a new storage tank to enhance water pressure and service reliability for our local customers. Aqua expects to complete the all of the improvements by the summer of 2006.

Donatoni noted that the entire $2.6 million capital project will be financed with a low-interest from the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority (Pennvest). "The Pennvest financing allows us to expand our capital program, because we can invest the savings in additional projects," he said. "And the lower interest expense helps to mitigate the amount of our rate requests, which also benefits Aqua's customers."

Aqua Pennsylvania is the largest subsidiary of Aqua America (www.aquaamerica.com) and provides water and wastewater service to approximately 1.3 million residents across Pennsylvania. Aqua America is the largest U.S.-based publicly traded water company in the country, serving more than 2.5 million residents in 13 states.

Thermodynetics unit nails down $3 million boiler tubing order
WINDSOR, CT, Aug. 19, 2005 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Thermodynetics Inc. reported that its wholly owned subsidiary, Turbotec Products Inc., received an order for approximately $3 million to provide enhanced surface stainless steel tubing for commercial boiler applications. The enhanced tubing increases the boiler's heat transfer capabilities, thereby increasing the boiler's performance.

Thermodynetics Inc. has been engaged in the manufacture of high performance, high quality metal tubing and tubing assemblies to the heat transfer and other industries since 1972. Its Turbotec Products subsidiary (www.turbotec.com) specializes in enhanced heat transfer technology. These products are marketed in the United States, Canada and abroad in the space conditioning, refrigeration, automotive, biomedical, plumbing, appliance, water heating and aerospace industries.

The company's products are used in heat pumps as condensers and evaporators in heating, refrigeration, food processing and air conditioning systems; in the biomedical field as blood or intravenous fluid heat exchangers; in heat recovery units used to heat water with waste heat from air conditioning and refrigeration systems; in ice production systems; in laser coolers, beverage dispensers, food processing systems, chillers, heat pump systems and boilers, and modules for use as components in large condensing or desuperheater systems. They're generally usable in most applications where heat transfer is required. The tubing is also used as a flexible connector in plumbing applications.

Former Dallas utilities director joins MWH as client service manager
DALLAS, TX, Aug. 18, 2005 -- Terrace Stewart, P.E., has joined MWH as a client service manager charged with responding to municipal and state clients in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. He'll perform this role from MWH's Dallas office.

Stewart has over 27 years experience in the water and wastewater industry and was utilities director for the city of Dallas for eight years. He has served as chairman of the Region C Water Planning Group appointed by the Texas Water Development Board to prepare a 50-year water plan for a 16 county area in North Texas. He also has served on national boards such as the Water Utility Council of the American Water Works Association and the American Water Works Research Foundation. In 2002, he was inducted as an honor member of Chi Epsilon for outstanding professional engineering service to the community.

Stewart is recognized as an influential leader in the industry with a special talent for conceptualizing and communicating vision, empowering employees, and fostering cohesion to achieve complex goals.

"Terrace brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to MWH. His record of success, proven leadership and ability to create value for clients, provides him with a unique understanding of our industry and the challenges we face in a very competitive business environment," says Jeff Kishel, MWH's senior vice president for strategy and customer service.

MWH (www.mwhglobal.com) is a private, employee-owned firm with over 6,500 employees worldwide. The firm provides engineering design and remediation, construction, procurement, program management, and technology solutions for the environmental, land, water, wastewater, energy and power markets of the Americas, Europe, Middle East, India, Asia and the Pacific Rim.

ENSR International names new Asian regional sales director
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, & WESTFORD, MA, Aug. 16, 2005 (PRNewswire) -- Allan Sandosham, PE, QEP, has been promoted to regional sales director of Asia for ENSR International.

ENSR, a global environmental services firm with 70 worldwide offices and based in Westford, Mass., has a rapidly expanding presence in Asia with 70 staff in seven offices (in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Beijing, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong, China, Bangkok, Thailand, Manila, Philippines, and Tokyo, Japan).

Formerly general manager ENSR Asia, Sandosham has 20 years of experience in diverse environmental, health, and safety programs for industrial facilities and the world's leading multinational corporations. His technical expertise includes environmental auditing and process safety management, risk and hazard analyses, soil and groundwater Investigation and remediation, and air pollution control and engineering.

Sandosham's extensive experience includes managing projects for multinational energy, chemical, manufacturing companies with operations in India, Pakistan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, China, Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. He has managed process hazards analyses (HAZOPS) for oil and gas companies to evaluate safety and reliability of bulk distribution, pipelines, and terminals and led multiple site audits at facilities across Asia.

According to Michael Chan, ENSR Vice President, Asia Operations, "Allan has an extraordinary range of experience and exceptional business management skills. We are very pleased he is directing our sales growth and service programs in Asia."

A Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP), registered Professional Civil Engineer and Mechanical Engineer (PE), and Environmental Auditor, Sandosham is a member of the Air and Waste Management Association and Regional Institute of Environmental Technology. He holds a master's degree in civil engineering from Stanford University, a bachelor's degree in pysics from Reed College, and an Air Quality Management Certificate from the University of California-Santa Barbara.

ENSR International (www.ensr.com) is a worldwide environmental firm with 37 years of experience serving industrial companies in 100 countries from 70 worldwide offices. ENSR is an Environmental Business Journal Business Achievement Award winner for 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004.


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