Neozyme International launches new branding, marketing program

Its patented line of catalysts to be marketed under brand of Bio-Organic Catalyst Inc. and the theme, "The Power In Nature"...

COSTA MESA, CA, Jan. 25, 2005 (PRNewswire-FirstCall) -- International Daleco Corp. is pleased to announce the launch of a new branding and marketing program for Neozyme International, Inc.'s patented line of bio-organic catalysts, under a fully-owned subsidiary, named Bio-Organic Catalyst, Inc. The new brand includes Bio-Organic Catalyst -- "The Power In Nature," along with the trademarked "Seal of Safety." Both reflect a strategic program directed at the large and expanding market for a new standard in chemical non-toxicity and environmental safety, while providing exceptional performance improvements in key areas of environmental management.

The Bio-Organic Catalyst Inc. business expansion and marketing plan is built upon successful initial market penetrations within the water treatment and environmental cleaning industries. The unique performance characteristics of the patented product formulations have provided an opportunity to achieve a new level of safety in cleaning and improving key wastewater treatment processes. To meet the marketplace's need for confidence and convenience in their product choices, a clear and strong brand identity is an important part of educating the consumer and establishing distinction among a wide variety of product offerings.

The "Seal of Safety" trademarked graphic logo is designed to clearly identify both the products and the users of the products, as committed to providing a non-toxic and safe environment to human, animal and marine life. This product positioning approach, in conjunction with its community user group development program, is an important aspect of a long-range marketing strategy to establish Bio-Organic Catalyst Inc. as the new standard for environmental safety and performance value.

About Neozyme
Neozyme International Inc. ( manufactures the patented line of Bio-Organic Catalytic, Inc. formulations for numerous markets including, but not limited to, municipal wastewater treatment, commercial / industrial cleaning, hydrocarbon remediation, industrial metal cleaning and agriculture. All Bio-Organic Catalyst Inc. product formulations are non-toxic, 100% biodegradable and can be safely used around humans, animals, marine life, vegetation and the environment. No special clothing or handling apparatus is required.


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