WaterBriefs: B&V to design of Calif.'s Nacimiento Water Project facilities

Also in this report: Pa. to adopt nutrient trading policy for water quality; Nalco raises paper industry prices, freight surcharges; Katrina signals strong RO demand - McIlvaine; American Water debuts N.J.'s largest ground-mounted solar system; Lake Pleasant water plant poses challenges; ShieldLiner wins international tech award; Houston firm to represent Spartan Environmental; S.W. Water to acquire Ala. wastewater utility; WorldWater & Power Corp. signs $1.4M in solar energy contracts...

In other news below:
-- Pa. to adopt nutrient trading policy to help improve water quality
-- Nalco raises prices, freight surcharges to the paper industry
-- Katrina demonstrates strong RO demand - McIlvaine research
-- N.J. American Water debuts state's largest ground-mounted solar system
-- Innovative Lake Pleasant water plant poses construction challenges
-- ShieldLiner wins major international technology award
-- Houston firm to represent Spartan Environmental in Texas
-- MWH appoints two experts to its S. Calif. staff
-- Southwest Water to acquire wastewater utility, expand presence in Alabama
-- Elster Electricity expands EnergyAxis System to provide meter automation
-- BSI2000 appoints VP of investor and media relations
-- Aqua Society Inc. to supply HVAC&R equipment to Polish company
-- Power boiler, heat exchanger manufacturing study released
-- Niagara regional municipality deploys Datastream 7i for water, wastewater services
-- WorldWater & Power Corp. signs $1.4 million in solar energy contracts

Black & Veatch to design of Calif.'s Nacimiento Water Project facilities
SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA, Sept. 20, 2005 -- Black & Veatch Corp. received notice to proceed with engineering design of a conveyance system that will deliver raw water from the Nacimiento Reservoir to water purveyors throughout San Luis Obispo County. The County Flood Control and Water Conservation District awarded the global engineering, consulting and construction company the contract for the $150-million Nacimiento Water Project...
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Pa. to adopt nutrient trading policy to help improve water quality
HARRISBURG, PA, Sept. 20, 2005 -- Trading has long been a staple of state and federal air quality programs -- Pennsylvania is among the first to apply this strategy to water quality to help farmers, communities and industry meet and exceed state and federal goals, says Gov. Ed Rendell in announcing plan. Market-based programs such as trading provide incentives for entities to create credits by going beyond statutory, regulatory or voluntary obligations and goals. These programs provide a structure where environmental improvement credits can be traded to others to help them more cost effectively meet their obligations or goals...
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Nalco raises prices, freight surcharges to the paper industry
NAPERVILLE, IL, Sept. 20, 2005 -- Nalco Holding Co. announced a price increase yesterday for specialty chemicals and programs sold to all Paper Services Division clients. The price increase will be 10% for most products and programs, with more significant adjustments where necessary. The price increase is in addition to the price adjustments announced earlier this year, and is driven by sustained significant increases in cost of raw materials, energy and freight. These costs have been further accelerated by the broad impact of Hurricane Katrina on cost and availability of raw materials and road transportation...
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Katrina demonstrates strong demand for RO - McIlvaine research
NORTHFIELD, IL, Sept. 20, 2005 -- When Gulf Coast residents were left without a drinking water source in the aftermath of Katrina, Tularosa Basin National Desalination Research Facility sent its portable reverse osmosis (RO) membrane purification system to Biloxi, Miss., to provide drinking water to 40,000 local inhabitants. The unit can produce over 100,000 gallons per day of drinkable water from contaminated river water or from seawater. Ironically, in this case, too much water in the wrong places created the need. But, usually, it's a case of water scarcity or -- more to the point -- not enough fresh water as driving demand for where these membrane purification systems are most likely to be needed...
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N.J. American Water debuts state's largest ground-mounted solar system
LAWRENCEVILLE, NJ, Sept. 20, 2005 -- On Oct. 11 at 2 pm, New Jersey American Water will proudly debut the state's largest ground-mounted solar electric system at its Canal Road Water Treatment Plant in Somerset, N.J. The 500-kilowatt ground-mounted system was designed and built by Dome-Tech Solar, a premier solar energy firm serving industrial and institutional clients in the northeast. The system includes more than 2,800 solar panels from RWE Schott Solar...
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Innovative Lake Pleasant water plant poses construction challenges
LAKE PLEASANT, AZ, Sept. 20, 2005 -- The Lake Pleasant Water Treatment Facility, generating 320-million gallons of water a day, is bringing better tasting water to residents of Phoenix, Ariz. Built with the help of RSC Equipment Rental and Ames Construction, the state-of-the-art facility utilizes several systems that normally operate independently, resulting in safe, clean water for Phoenix's growing population. Demanding project shows why renting makes sense...
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ShieldLiner wins major international technology award
ROTTERDAM, The Netherlands, Sept. 20, 2005 -- Listed Perth pipe-repair technology company ShieldLiner Ltd. has today in Rotterdam, at the 23rd International No Dig Convention, been awarded the 2005 new machine, tool, material, system or technique category of the international "No Dig" awards for its first commercial ShieldLiner rig and equipment...
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Houston firm to represent Spartan Environmental in Texas
MENTOR, OH, Sept. 20, 2005 -- Spartan Environmental Technologies, a distributor and manufacturer of chemical oxidation and disinfection equipment, has appointed Environmental Improvements Inc., of Houston, Texas, as its exclusive municipal representative for Texas. Spartan's product line includes a full range of ozone generators, odor control systems and a proprietary electrolytic system for the removal of organics from water...
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MWH appoints two experts to its S. Calif. staff
BROOMFIELD, CO, Sept. 20, 2005 -- MWH, a global environmental engineering and consulting firm, announced today that Jerry A. King has joined the firm as vice president. Joseph E. Tait, the former executive vice president/COO of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD), also has joined MWH as vice president...
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MORE breaking news headlines:
Southwest Water to Acquire Wastewater Utility, Expand Presence in Alabama
Elster Electricity Expands EnergyAxis System To Provide Meter Automation Benefits to Utilities Offering Both Electric and Water Services
BSI2000 Appoints Paul Savageau as Vice President of Investor and Media Relations
Aqua Society Inc. to Supply HVAC&R Equipment to Polish Company
Power Boiler and Heat Exchanger Manufacturing in the US 2005
Regional Municipality of Niagara Deploys Datastream 7i to Improve Management of Assets for Water and Wastewater Services
WorldWater & Power Corporation Signs $1.4 Million in Solar Energy Contracts


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