IFAT 2005 to highlight measurement technology

Proper measurement techniques are essential to keeping our water safe to drink and IFAT 2005 will address this very topic on an international level. One of the world's leading international trade shows for waste management and environmental protection, the event takes place April 25-29 in Munich, Germany. This year's show will feature measurement technology through exhibits and conferences and will provide a global view of new and emerging products and solutions...

CHICAGO, April 12, 2005 -- To ensure that U.S. drinking water is safe to drink and free of contaminants, cutting-edge measurement technology is needed. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently stated that without measuring the flow of surface water and wastewater, more than 33 percent of our water supply could become contaminated by trace elements and remain unnoticed.

The EPA also established the National Environmental Performance Track program, which provides incentives and opportunities for facilities to do more than merely comply with federal regulations for flow and wastewater measurement. This program is designed to encourage continual improvement and recognize achievements in areas including water and water flow measurement.

IFAT 2005 will display the latest trends and developments in the fields of waste management and environmental protection -- in particular measurement technology -- April 25-29 in Munich, Germany. More than 2,000 international exhibitors and 100,000 visitors will be in attendance to catch a glimpse of the latest high-tech solutions for measuring waste and water flow.

"IFAT 2005 offers exhibitors the perfect opportunity to display their cutting-edge technology and solutions," said Detlev R. Gantenberg, managing director of Munich International Trade Fairs. "With Europe's strict waste disposal directives, IFAT is perfectly positioned to present the latest technological advances."

To respond to the rising trend of better, more precise measuring methods, IFAT 2005 will feature an extensive offering of exhibits and conferences on measurement technology. Exhibitors will present the latest developments in:
-- Automatic measuring
-- Measuring stations
-- Electronic level indicators
-- Water volume measurement
-- Temperature measurement
-- Oxygen measurement
-- pH measurement
-- Redox measurement

More than 105 exhibitors have registered for the measurement technology exhibit segment, including Teledyne ISCO, Inc., a Lincoln, Nebraska based manufacturer of flowmeters and samplers for wastewater and water monitoring. Among the products and systems that Teledyne ISCO will exhibit are:
-- Flow monitors
-- Sewage samplers
-- Complete measuring stations
-- Flowmeters

Visitors will have the opportunity to compare both conventional and cutting-edge systems as well as their characteristics and prices. For example, they will be able to gain valuable information on ultrasonic flow measurement systems and mass flow meters, two rapidly growing flow measurement devices.

Effective operation and supervision of waterworks and sewage treatment centers are possible only when the flow is measured correctly. In a recent study, Frost & Sullivan analyzed the Western European market for flow meters and predicted steady growth through 2009. New environmental and hygiene regulations in Western Europe are driving this strong demand as well as an interest in optimizing industrial processes.

This growth will be intensified by technological innovation and continuous product development. For instance, water supply and wastewater disposal are increasingly demanding intelligent instruments that are equipped with microprocessors capable of supplying further valuable data.

In addition, several conferences organized as part of the 13th European Water, Sewage and Waste Symposium will deal with measurement technologies. On Tuesday, April 26, an entire day is being dedicated to monitoring plant performance. Participants will discuss the cost-benefit analysis for the use of sensors in wastewater treatment. They will also discuss the use of flow measurement as a tool to monitor the compliance of wastewater treatment plants with environmental targets.

For more information on the event, visit www.ifat.de.


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