Carollo Engineers awarded two breakthrough desalination projects

Carollo Engineers has been appointed to research groundbreaking desalination projects for the AWWA Research Foundation and Joint Water Reuse & Desalination Task Force...

PHOENIX, AZ, Feb. 2, 2005 -- Carollo Engineers announced that it has been selected to implement two significant water desalination and concentrate (brine) management and disposal research projects. The first of the awards is from the Awwa Research Foundation (AwwaRF) and will focus on the important issues of desalination recovery enhancement and minimization of concentrate volume. The project, entitled Desalination Product Water Recovery and Concentrate Volume Minimization will tap Carollo¹s experience in desalination and concentrate management and explore promising and innovative solutions.

"Locating new water sources is difficult. Frequently, desalination technology must be implemented to treat water that was previously considered unusable," said Carollo Engineer¹s Dr. Sandeep Sethi, principal investigator of the Desalination Recovery and Concentrate project. "This project is of great importance because it seeks to provide solutions to the most difficult problem associated with desalination¿disposal of the concentrate the process generates."

"In real world applications, concentrate disposal can be a deal-breaker," said Carollo Engineer¹s partner Dr. Gil Crozes. "We can readily solve most desalination treatment objectives with technology, but concentrate disposal can often be the barrier to project implementation because it involves environmental, institutional, and political concerns."

The second project, awarded by the Joint Water Reuse & Desalination Task Force (WateReuse Foundation, AwwaRF, Water Environment Research Foundation and the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation), will focus on developing a decision methodology to help water utilities evaluate their brine disposal options on a local level. This project, entitled Regional Solutions for Concentrate Disposal, addresses the significant, geographically diverse issues associated with concentrate disposal and requires Carollo¹s longstanding knowledge of the complexities of regional and state environmental planning processes.

"Desalination projects often fail to be implemented because concentrate disposal and management adversely impact the environment and do not adequately address stakeholder values," said Carollo Engineer¹s Dr. Erin Mackey, co-principal investigator of the Regional Solutions project. "The focus of this study is to determine what concentrate disposal and management options are technically feasible and viable for various regions."

The outcome of these projects is extremely pertinent to industry decision makers who are determining a sound, just basis for pursuing desalination. Carollo¹s research will provide important information to aid project planners in assessing the time required to implement a water resource portfolio that may include desalination.

To ensure the success of each project, Carollo Engineers will employ key criteria throughout the studies¹ investigations. Such criteria include production efficiency, product water quality, infrastructure considerations and constraints, energy and chemical usage, life cycle and capital and operational costs, operational and maintenance considerations, and pre- and post-treatment requirements.

The projects will tap the cumulative professional experience of a number Carollo's key personnel. Along with Dr. Sethi, the Desalination Product Water Recovery and Concentrate Volume Minimization team includes, Dr. Jörg Drewes as co-principal investigator, several technical advisors, and 18 participating utilities and agencies spanning several states including California, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Virginia, and Florida.

The Regional Solutions for Concentrate Disposal team, led by principal investigator Tom Seacord, includes a number of key utilities including the city of Phoenix, the Southern Nevada Water Authority the Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority and Irvine Ranch Water District.

Carollo Engineers P.C. (, of Fountain Valley, Calif., is a leader in water and wastewater planning, design and construction management. Founded in 1933, the environmental engineering firm has successfully completed more than 15,000 public sector projects and is highly respected for its attention to client service and commitment to quality. Ranked as one of the nation's top consultants by the Engineering News Record and the largest firm dedicated exclusively to water and wastewater treatment services, Carollo Engineers maintains 24 offices in 12 states .


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