June is Coastal and Oceans month

June 2003 has been designated "Coastal and Oceans Month," in the Year of Clean Water, 2002-2003.

June 12, 2003 -- June 2003 has been designated "Coastal and Oceans Month," in the Year of Clean Water, 2002-2003.

Ocean and coastal waters are an integral part of our daily lives. Despite their tremendous importance and incredible value, ocean and coastal waters are being degraded at an alarming rate.

In order to restore, maintain and protect these resources, EPA has designed a wide array of programs to better define and control coastal pollution problems, develop coastal research and monitoring plans, and initiate habitat restoration efforts. However, many challenges remain.

Future successes will come from good science, working closely with our partners and stakeholders, focusing our efforts using a watershed approach, and effectively applying our regulatory authorities.

For more information about Coastal and Oceans Month, contact Katherine Bruce, at 202/566-1280 or visit our website at http://www.epa.gov/water/yearofcleanwater/

Listed below are materials that have been developed and are now available online: Brochure: Coastal America A Partnership for Action
Brochure: Living on The Edge America's Coastal Campaign
Brochure: Before You Go to the Beach
Factsheet: Protection Our Beaches Learn what EPA is doing to protect public health at beach and how you can get involved
Factsheet: Ocean's Edge
Poster: Celebrating 30 Years of Protection our Oceans
Magnet: Keeping Our Oceans, Coast & Estuaries Clean & Safe
CD: The Health of Ocean and Coastal Waters
Handbook: Shipshape Shores and Waters
Bookmark: Oceans Coasts, Estuaries
Bookmark: Fish

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