Hach offers water quality solutions to European Parliament

Hach Lange participated in a public hearing in the European Parliament to discuss water solutions across the region.

LONDON, March 28, 2013 -- Hach Lange, a supplier for complete water analysis and an expert in water quality, was invited to participate in a high-profile public hearing in the European Parliament organized by Victor Bostinaru, a member of the Parliament, to discuss solutions to water problems across the region.

The event established the urgent need to continue investing in water infrastructure projects despite economic difficulties in Europe, and it also focused on the wide-ranging benefits -- from economical to social -- that such projects can bring.

Michael Kaczor, Vice-President of Global Projects, and Toon Streppel, Global Business Unit Director of Workflow Solutions, presented Hach's and Trojan's capabilities including products, technical support and services to commissioners, journalists and MEPs from across the 27-member states.

Brussels, the home of the European Union, is among 6,311 areas which are not meeting European legislation on clean water, according to new research from Bostinaru.

Despite the remaining challenges noted by Bostinaru, Hach highlighted the progress in water quality across Europe resulting in environmental improvements including fish stocks in the Rhine and a reduction of algae problems in the Mediterranean.

"I am exceedingly grateful to Hach Lange for their expert views on the report and what can be done to tackle the serious failings my research has identified. Their solutions and expertise will be vital in showing the way to a better future," said Bostinaru. "The returns of investing in water are clear: demonstrable benefits to public health, the environment and the wider economy. With €376 billion in European Cohesion funds to soon be allocated, the time to act is now."

Kaczor and Streppel regarded safeguarding public health and protecting delicate ecosystems as keys to improving water quality. They said that improving and maintaining water quality also benefits the European macro economy by supporting industry, providing jobs and investing in tourism and leisure.

About Hach Lange

For more than 70 years, Hach Lange has developed innovative solutions used to test the quality of water, liquids and air for municipal and industrial customers. Manufactured and distributed worldwide, Hach Lange systems are designed to simplify analysis by offering sophisticated on-line instrumentation, accurate field and laboratory equipment, high-quality prepared reagents, complete easy-to-follow methods, and life-time technical support.


About Trojan Technologies

The Trojan Technologies group of businesses offers products under the brands Aquafine, OpenCEL, Trojan Marinex, TrojanUV, Salsnes Filter, US Peroxide and VIQUA. Applications and markets served include municipal wastewater, drinking water, environmental contaminant treatment, residential, food and beverage manufacturing, pharmaceutical processing, semi-conductor applications, filtration and biosolids treatment. Trojan Technologies has offices in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and United States.

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