China's Water Pollution Control industry expected to total $890M in 2012

Revenue for the Water Pollution Control industry in China is expected to total $890.7 million in 2012.

San Francisco, CA, Jan. 30, 2013 -- Revenue for the Water Pollution Control industry in China is expected to total $890.7 million in 2012, says IBISWorld. In the five years through 2012, industry revenue has been increasing at an annualized rate of 16.2% due to strong and increasing demand from private firms and the government.

Demand for the Water Pollution Control industry comes mainly from local governments responsible for handling rising levels of pollution in inland waters and underground water, says IBISWorld. When the government's $586-billion economic stimulus package launched in late 2008, major investments were planned for environmental protection projects, especially water pollution control projects. In October 2011, after the Plan of Underground Water Pollution Prevention and Control (2011 to 2020) was issued, about $5.4 billion was set aside for the control of underground water pollution.

The greatest water pollution control problem in China is the difficulty in restricting pollutant discharges from polluting enterprises. Although environmental protection regulations exist, the implementation of laws and imposition of penalties tends to be weak in practice. Another problem is that local governments are not motivated to sufficiently address pollution issues under the current GDP-oriented assessment system for political achievements of officials. The third problem is a lack of collaboration between different local governments, especially for cross-regional water pollution.

The Water Pollution Control industry in China is mainly engaged in pollution control and treatment activities concerning inland waters, specifically rivers, lakes, reservoirs, other surface water forms and underground water. Sewage treatment in urban areas, oceanic water pollution control or activities of environmental protection administration are not included in this industry.

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