NSF International encourages septic safety during EPA SepticSmart Week

The EPA is launching its first annual SepticSmart Week, Sept. 23-27, to raise awareness about proper care and maintenance of septic systems.

Sept. 23, 2013 -- To help raise awareness about the need for proper care and maintenance of septic systems and to encourage homeowners to do their part, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is launching its first annual SepticSmart Week, September 23-27. By taking small steps to care for and maintain home septic systems, homeowners not only help protect public health and the environment, they can save money and protect property values.

According to the EPA, about 20 percent of U.S. residences collectively discharge four billion gallons of sewage daily into septic systems, and it's estimated that 10 to 20 percent may not be properly treating wastewater. Proper septic system care and maintenance is vital to protecting public health.

NSF International collaborates with the EPA to protect our water supply and environment through national standards, testing, certification and wastewater system maintenance. The goal is to encourage proper selection, use and management of onsite, decentralized treatment systems to protect public health and the environment.

NSF has also worked with the EPA for 40 years helping to develop American National Standards for drinking water and products that come in contact with drinking water. Water and wastewater products bearing the NSF mark demonstrate product performance and reliability to national standards and widespread acceptance of innovative water treatment technologies.

For more information, please feel free to contact me or visit NSF’s Onsite Wastewater Treatment System Services page.


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